How to Be Exclusive Fun & Liked by Many

The fun way to be direct – Life will be more meaningful when we become direct who is fun and liked by many people right? Becoming a person who is famous or has popularity you can probably get easily. You excel, always win competitions on campus, become a trending topic in social media and even behave badly, you can become famous, such as robbing banks, stealing, corruption, you are guaranteed to be known by many people hehehehehe….

But being known by many people or being famous is not necessarily liked by many people. What’s the point of achieving, being famous, being an important person who is known to many people but many people also don’t like you. Liked by many people and having many friends is really simple: alwaysbehave. Want to have a good look or a myriad of achievements, if you can’t maintain your behavior in front of other people, it’s all useless.

Always behave well wherever you are whether in the office, at work, at home, on campus or at school in the community, you will surely be famous and liked by many people. This will help build stronger, healthier, harmonious relationships with family, friends, colleagues and society in general. well if you are liked by many people then this shows that you are a direct fun.

Life is only once and limited so make your life more fun by having lots of friends, buddies and people who like you because you are direct fun. So, here are some tips that you can do to make yourself instantly fun and liked by many people:

Listen more than talk
People who talk a lot are usually zonk, .. As quoted from the Entrepreneur site, most people who like to talk a lot (brag) are more likely to be arrogant, selfish, gossipers, liars and lazy. Julybe there is some truth to that, try to pay attention to the people around you who like or talk too much? So whether the characteristics above will make you liked by many people? Of course the answer is very detailed that is NO! Read also women’s favorite talk.

Instead of busy commenting, talking too much, knowing too much, gossiping once in a while try to listen to other people or at least be quiet. Watch the words and words that come out of your mouth. Tips so that you don’t talk too much about useless things, that is, even if your taste buds itch, don’t mention all the things that go through your head. Actually there is an actual fact that you have to accept: Not everyone around you wants to hear everything you think.

Listening to more useful things makes you more insightful, by listening you will also see things not only from your own point of view but also from the perspective of others. And you need to remember not to be dishonest or tell lies with others, trust will easily fade even if you lie just once.

Stop talking bad about other people
This is true, because there is nothing right in this world including a person. If you realize that everything is not right then stop talking bad about other people, because no one is perfect. Before you talk about other people’s badness or look for other people’s shortcomings and faults, then think about yourself whether you also have many shortcomings or bad things. You do not (will) have the right to comment on the shortcomings or ugliness of others because no one in this world is perfect. With these tips you will be instantly fun and liked by many people

be yourself
Being yourself and what you are will make you liked by many people. Believe in your own abilities and be yourself. If you really don’t like something, say it politely and frankly rather than saying something beautiful but actually doing the opposite it will hurt other people.

Yes, a smile is a miracle, which makes you instantly pleasant. speaking well and friendly and always smiling will give an evaluation that you are kind and easy to get along with. well if you are good who does not want to have a friend like you.

Turn someone’s evaluation into motivation
You can’t verbally silence everyone who talks about you. They say bad things about you of course only have 2 purposes, first because they really don’t like you and second because you really have bad or shortcomings. well tips, hopefully you will be immediately pleasant and liked by many people, forgive them and look into yourself whether this is indeed a deficiency and ugliness in you.

Make someone bad talk about you as a motivation to fix your shortcomings and bad self to be better directly, and if someone bad talk because they don’t like you then forgive them and embrace and approach them so they know that you are not like what they are talk about.

Appreciate, respect and love
There are things you must remember that all things will go according to what you do. If you sow the seeds of goodness, you will also reap them, and vice versa. If you want to feel respected, appreciated, loved and liked by many people then do the same thing.

Apologizing & Forgiving others’ mistakes
If you want to be direct that is pleasing and liked by many people then do these 2 things, quickly apologize when you make a mistake and show sorry to the person who made a mistake without them asking first. Do not be afraid or proud to apologize to those you have hurt. By apologizing means you are lamenting your mistakes and showing that you really want to change starting today.

Whoever helps others who are in trouble will have many friends who like them. Well if you want to be direct fun then help those who are in need or experiencing difficulties. helping not only lighten the burden of others but also has a good psychological impact on us that we have use for others.