How to Become a Pd & Wanted by Many People (Idaman Girlfriend)

Most people will always think that having many advantages will make someone more confident (confident) such as if I am rich, if I am cute/handsome, if I am popular, if I have the latest sports car and so on. In fact, to become more confident, there is no need for that, self-confidence as quoted from Wikipedia common is belief in one’s ability and self-judgment in an effective approach. While self-confidence is the actual behavior of an individual that enables him to make an actual evaluation of himself and the environment or situation he faces.

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So to be more confident and liked by many people you don’t have to have many advantages to be proud of in yourself to make other people judge how good you are. Believing in yourself, believing in your abilities and believing that life will be better in the future… it is enough to make you the target of many people as the “dream boyfriend” for many people. So if you currently feel less cute / less handsome, feel backward and feel lacking anything, read the following tips on how to become confident and coveted by many people.

Love yourself before you expect others to love you
When a person feels low self-esteem, of course it will have a strong influence on his emotions and eventually low self-esteem will arise. Someone who has low self-esteem, will always feel dissatisfied with himself, do not get what is in himself, do not feel comfortable and happy with himself. How can you expect others to like you if you don’t love yourself. Show love to yourself and this will bring out the actual behavior in you. A positive attitude will also spread to the people around you so that other people will become more comfortable around you.

When other people feel comfortable around you, it is not impossible that many people will target you as their “dream boyfriend”, because other people will judge you love yourself then you will also love those who are close to you with the comfort you provide.

Be yourself and be independent
Be yourself and be independent, you don’t need to be someone else just to please the people around you this will bring up your self-confidence. With the confidence that is in you this will help improve your life to be more able to get up on your own feet and not bother others. Most virgins or girls will like someone who is themselves and is used to living independently.

Cheer up and smile more
Smiling is an actual behavior that not only makes you feel better but also makes other people around you feel good too. Try to imagine having a girlfriend who has the same ugly face, cold and sullen all the time, so boring, right? Someone who smiles when he gathers and meets his friends will make other people around him feel comfortable. A smile can also make the face look better, the sweeter looks more beautiful, the handsome also looks more handsome.

Honest and open
Openness is indeed a person’s privacy, he must know where to place the problem that must be discussed and which one is privacy. But someone who is frank and honest will be liked by many people and most importantly can increase self-confidence. Based on many studies, someone who is honest will increase their self-confidence because they are not afraid of something they are hiding. If asked if you want a dream boyfriend who is honest and open, then the answer for normal people will definitely answer “Yes” hehehehe…

Learn to be social and more communicative
When you hang out with a lot of people it will increase your self-confidence and when someone is more communicative then he can arrange conversations to be better and more enjoyable. 2 things that will make you more confident and coveted by many people, Social and Communicative.

Neat and Clean Appearance
The way you dress or how you look reflects your personality traits. Dressing neatly and nicely (doesn’t have to be expensive or new) will make people judge your actual personality. And when you can take care of your appearance and the way you dress, it will increase your confidence.

Don’t be too arrogant
No matter how great you are, no matter how rich you are even as attractive as you are if you like to show off your strengths, other people will not like you. Confidence and arrogance will be 2 very different things, confident believing in one’s abilities is being arrogant, namely showing off one’s abilities.

staying peaceful in any situation is a trait that many people desire. Calmness is also a form of self-confidence because they feel they can solve problems in any situation.

Independent and Responsible
Being independent is a dream for many people, let alone being responsible. Independence is the fruit of confidence in their own abilities so that they will not trouble or trouble others.

A Little Mysterious
Don’t let your character and will be easily guessed by him. Most people have a fairly high curiosity, if you are easy to guess, yes…they will no longer want to know you, don’t want to know more about you…