How to blur face in picsart

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in mimin’s article, this time mimin will discuss how to blur faces on picsart or make face blur photos on picsart.

The picsart application is an all-round video, photo, aesthetic editing application and there are many more uses for this picsart application. This application is widely used by girls, of course, for editing aesthetic photos that are viral on tiktok. Editing photos using the Pocsart application is very easy.

in the picsart application itself we can enter using two versions of which the first is the paid version and the second is the free version. Of course to use this picsart application you don’t need to pay or it’s free. the steps below. first you must have installed your picsart application. then you just have to enter the picsart application. after entering the picsart application you can enter for free by clicking on the skip menu in the upper right corner, and you will can enter for free. after you edit the photo then you can edit it as you wish with this free version.

For the second one, when you have finished editing in this picsart application and after you have finished editing then to enter the second time there will be no “skip” menu again, so how can we re-enter without paying or free in this picsart application. If you want the skip menu to appear in this picsart application, you can enter the settings icon, and you can select it in the application management menu section and you select the picsart application, click on the storage and data menu after that you can select delete data. just go back into your picsart application, then you will automatically find the skip menu reappearing in your picsarr application.

How to edit blurry photos in picsart?? This is how to edit blurry photos on picsart.

First you can enter the latest version of the Picsart application.

•You can enter the photo that you want to edit is blurry, usually the one you want to edit is blurry on the face.

After entering the picsart application and entering a photo, you just have to tap on the effects menu at the bottom. then you can select the “blur” menu at the bottom, then select or swipe to the part of the face you want to blur , it will automatically become blurry or blurry for the photo you edited earlier.

To save the photo you tap on the save menu section and select save to gallery then it will automatically be for the photo you want to blur. You can set the blur part in the blur menu section.

Thus the discussion on how to blur the face on picsart hopefully this article is useful and thank you.