How to borrow Indosat credit other than 505 – To borrow credit from the Indosat provider, we usually use dial 505 as the medium for paying the credit. But, have you ever thought about borrowing Indosat credit apart from using this 505?

For those of you Indosat card customers who know the various methods of paying credit without using dial 505. So below we will provide the information for you.

So, please read this article related to borrowing credit from Indosat so that when dial 505 cannot be used, you can use other alternatives to be able to owe credit to this Indosat provider.

How to borrow Indosat credit other than 505

Some Indosat card users may still use dial 505 to be able to borrow credit from the MyIm3 Ooredo cellular operator.

However, if conditions do not allow. As the dial cannot be used, then you need another alternative to find a method of borrowing Indosat credit.

In addition to having more choices, Indosat credit debt other than 505 is also the best alternative for customers who run out of quota in unfavorable conditions, such as traveling far or not having money.

Well, below we will provide information on alternative Indosat credit loans other than using this method.

Indosat Credit Debt Terms and Conditions

Before going to the borrowing method, as an Indosat card customer you need to know the requirements to apply for this credit debt. Among others are:

  • The Indosat card has been active for at least 3 months and has been topped up with regular credit.
  • If you have previously owed Indosat credit. So it needs to be paid in advance.
  • Transfer credit cannot be used to pay debts.
  • Your credit is limited to the minimum
  • Finally, it is the Indosat operator who determines whether or not your card is eligible for a credit loan.

Borrow Indosat Credit Using Additional Applications

Here we do not use the MyIm3 application as a medium for borrowing credit, but other applications that have several nominal options for borrowing.

The application we mean is me. Yep, you can make this application the best alternative for borrowing credit from Indosat operators.

So, how do I borrow Indosat credit at Akulaku, min?

Well, below we will provide a complete tutorial for you. please watch and don’t get it wrong.

  • First, please download and install Akulaku.
  • If so, create an Akulakumu application account.
  • After having an Akulaku account, you can already borrow credit to your Indosat number.
  • So, make sure your Indosat Ooredo number is listed in the Akulaku profile settings for this apk.
  • To borrow Indosat credit at Akulaku, please click ‘Toll and Data’.
  • Enter the mobile number you want to top up with in the column listed.
  • Then, select the loan amount. IDR 5,000 – IDR. 200,000.
  • After the nominal selection. You will be given information about borrowing credit at Akulaku, both when to pay it, the amount to be paid, and so on.
  • Don’t forget to slide the accrual icon to make the process of borrowing Indosat credit easier.
  • Click the ‘Pay’ option, if you are borrowing.
  • Then, click ‘Set Up Now’ to continue.
  • Done

The borrower will be given a notification regarding the credit debt of this Indosat provider. If the destination number is sent credit, then you have successfully borrowed Indosat credit through the Akulaku application. Happy!

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to borrow credit other than dial 505 or the MyIm3 application. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for all of you. That’s all and good luck