How to Borrow Money in the 2022 Fund Application

How to Borrow Money in the Dana_Palikasi Dana application is a digital wallet application that users can use simply, and without being complicated. The presence of this fund application is certainly very helpful for fast and short payment processes without an atm card. The fund application is a digital wallet that we can top up the balance through the bank. Various advantages of this fund application are that we can buy credit and everything just using this fund application.

Fund applications have started to be widely used on android users, because the fund application makes it easy for users to transact in the payment process quickly, briefly and not so complicated. With this fund application, it is also easy for users to make loans online. You need to provide an ID document, you can get a loan and you can withdraw the loan limit. And if you are in a state of urgency, you can take advantage of the application for funds through this fund application.

This Latest Funds application certainly makes everything easier for us, this latest fund platform is widely used and has been installed by many Android users. To get this fund application, you usually get it at the oaly store.

To enter a fund account, the method is also very easy, first you only need to enter a telephone number, then you can create a password or password, make sure your password is not wrong, wait for the confirmation code then you will immediately enter this fund application. upgrading to the premium version then you are required to send official documents such as a photo of yourself and a photo of your ID card or identity card.

How to borrow money in the fund application, many don’t know how to borrow money in this fund application. For those of you who may not know how to borrow money in this fund application, it is as follows.

1. Make sure you have installed the Dana application on the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

2. After that you can register, such as entering a phone number, creating a password and tapping on the entry to the funds application. Before applying for a loan, you are required to upgrade to the premium version.

3.Upgrade your fund application to a premium account, with photos and send complete documents.

4. if you have succeeded in changing the status of your funds account to premium, you can directly select the “me” menu in the lower right corner. or registration.

5. This verification will usually ask to take a selfie by holding an ID card and also without an ID because it is for the identity verification process.

6. When you have upgraded to premium funds, you can apply for a loan with the amount you specify.

7. After that write the nominal amount of the loan that you want to apply. Then press the option in the continue section. And if you have, you will find a note column, which you can fill in or you can also click the skip option.

8. Next you have to share the links that already exist and are suggested to the fb group

9. Wait for a while until someone offers a loan, usually the wa number will be in your comment. What if all the steps above are correct then you just have to wait for the funds to come in and withdraw the balance.

10. The way is by selecting the Add Bank Account button

The advantage of using this fund application is that it speeds up the loan process and is hassle-free.

Thus the discussion on how to borrow money in the fund application, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.