How to bring up ig 2022 archive

Hello friends, assalamualikum, see you again with us, this time we will discuss how to bring up archives on ig or bring up archives on the latest Instagram 2022.

Instagram is a social media that has many users and is widely used by android users. Various interesting features are available in this application. One of them is effects or filters, then the shopping menu, and the live menu, then there are many more gigs that you can get in the application. this instagram.

Julybe some of you have problems with archives not appearing on Instagram. And exactly in this article, we will discuss how to bring up Instagram archives that don’t appear or disappear.

Archive or Archive is a place where an Instagram user saves stories, posts and live in the application on Instagram,

The archive itself is a place to store stories that may be said to have passed the grace period or the validity period has expired, it will be automatically saved into this archive, in fact we can still re-share it in this archive.

And in this archive you can also make your posts invisible to others by directly saving them into an archive on this Instagram.

Usually the archive will disappear after we update our Instagram application to the latest version, after the application is updated, the existing archive will automatically be invisible and will be lost.

Well but there’s no need to panic because there is a way to bring it back, the missing archive menu.


#The first step is to open your instagram

#then log into your account and then you can click on the profile section at the bottom right.

# Next select the options menu or the three line options at the top right.

# on the pop up menu your activity menu will appear

#Then find and select the archive menu

Next, in your archive menu, there will be a category tap menu, namely memories, calendar and location, these memories will show your archives which will be made sequentially and there will be highlights of story memories made on that day.

For the calendar itself, it will display the date and time in your story.

And for the archive will display all your posts that have been stored in this Instagram application.

So to conclude, the archive page is not actually lost, it’s just that Instagram needs a process to update our archive data.


For those of you who don’t understand how to hide active status on Instagram, active status is a sign where we will be seen online by users on Instagram, now we can actually disable our own active status like on Facebook.

Well maybe for those of you who want to disable active status on Instagram, you can follow the steps below:

Open your Instagram app, then tap on the three dotted line at the top right.

then enter the settings menu or settings,

and select in the active status menu section.

How to turn it off, just slide it to the left and to turn it on, just slide it to the right.

Now automatically when we deactivate it, someone can’t see when we are active and when it is inactive, so if you want to reactivate it for your own way, the same as above, just slide it to the right

Okay, that’s how to show the archive on the latest 2022 Instagram, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.