How to bring up the ruler in Microsoft Word

One of the applications that are most often used by various groups ranging from students, employees, employees and various other fields and activities is Microsoft Office Word. This application is very helpful for someone in processing data in the form of words and sentences into a document.

In this application there are various features that can be used in processing words, one of which is Ruller.

What is a Ruller in Microsoft Word?

A ruler (ruler, guide line, measuring line, border) is a ruler-shaped line located on the top and left side of a Microsoft Word worksheet.

What is the Function of the Ruller in Microsoft Word?

In its use, Ruller really helps someone to arrange paragraphs (spaces and spacing) so that the documents you create can look neater and easier to read. In addition, when you create a structure of writing using bullets and numbering, a ruler is very necessary in setting the distance so that it can be arranged neatly.

Missing Ruller in Microsoft Word

Sometimes this feature does not appear on the worksheet either because you accidentally omitted it or indeed when installing Microsoft Office and the computer at factory settings did not display the ruler in your worksheet.

So how to overcome this? In this discussion, I will try to describe the ways you can do to bring back the missing or missing ruler in Microsoft Word.

How to Show Ruller in Microsoft Word

Now to display the ruler in Microsoft Word, there are two ways you can do, namely:

Method 1:

  • First of all, please open the Microsoft application on your computer
  • Next please go to Menu Bar and select View
  • In the Show/Hide section, please tick “Ruller” to show the ruler on your worksheet
  • Thus the ruler on the top and left side of your worksheet has reappeared.

Method 2:

Besides the method I described above, there is a simpler way to bring up the ruler in Microsoft Word. Please notice a feature to the right of your worksheet. Near Previous Page there are features View Ruler which you can use to easily show and remove the ruler.

Convert Inches to CM in Ruller

Another problem that people often experience when using a ruler is the unit contained in the ruler. We will find it very difficult to organize paragraphs if the units are in inches. So how do you change the inch to CM? Please see the description below.

  • First of all please select Menu then Word Options
  • Next in Word OptionsPlease select Advanced then scroll down. You will find a column Display. In Show Measurement in Units ofplease change to Centimeters.
  • Finally, please click OK at the bottom Word Options to save your settings. Then the ruler unit will automatically change to centimers.


Indeed, there are many features that we can use in the Microsoft Word application and one of them is Ruller. These features will make our work easier in terms of processing data. But sometimes because of some problems so that the feature is missing or in our view problematic.

One of the features that we often use above and often also makes us dizzy because it disappears suddenly, but I have provided a solution to overcome it. Hopefully my article this time can help you in solving problems around Microsoft Office. Thank you