How to Buy and Sell Mutual Funds at OVO

OVO launched an investment feature in the form of mutual funds with a money market type. At first glance, the feature is almost the same as in Tokopedia, where users can buy mutual funds at a minimal price, which is IDR 10,000. And the sales process is also instant, it goes directly into the balance in a matter of minutes.

With this investment feature, users can start save easily on an online wallet. And of course buying mutual funds can be done anytime without the need to leave the house. Even for someone who has never made an investment, this OVO Invest is perfect for a trial start.

Why is it suitable for beginners? Because mutual fund investments with this type of money market the risk is very low. Instead, users will get a bigger profit every day compared to deposits.

Buying Mutual Funds at OVO

Before following this step, make sure that you already have an account OVO Premier and have registered on the OVO Invest feature. And when you are ready, please follow the steps below to start buying mutual funds at OVO.

  1. Open the OVO app and go to the menu Invest.

  2. Then tap the button Beli.

    Tap the Buy Button

  3. A dialog will appear, please select the option Manulife OVO Bareksa Liquid.

    The Process of Buying Mutual Funds at OVO

  4. Next, write down the purchase amount.

    Write the Purchase Amount

  5. Then tap the button Lanjutkan.

  6. A confirmation dialog will appear, please tap the button Setuju.

    Tap Agree Button

  7. Now on the payment option, please tap the button Bayar.

  8. Almost done, please write down your OVO PIN.

  9. And the purchase of the Mutual Fund has been successful.

Your purchase process will be processed maximally 2 working days. So no need to worry if the units have not been added, you can find out the progress of the purchase in the transaction history. There will be displayed purchases that are still in process.

Selling Mutual Funds at OVO

The process of selling mutual funds at OVO is very easy and the balance will go directly to OVO Cash. This is what makes OVO Invest highly recommended to use, because whenever you need money, you can take it anytime without need waiting days. And here’s how to sell mutual funds on OVO.

  1. On OVO Invest, tap on the button Jual.

    Tap Sell Button

  2. A dialog will appear, select on Manulife OVO Bareksa Liquid.

    OVO Mutual Fund Sales Process

  3. Then write down the amount of the mutual fund to be sold.

    Write Sales Amount

  4. On the confirmation dialog, tap on the button Konfirmasi.

    Sales Confirmation

  5. Continue pressing the button Proses Pencairan.

  6. Then write down your OVO PIN.

  7. Done, the mutual fund sale has been completed.

There are two types of disbursement in OVO, namely: Instant and Regular. If you choose Instant, means that the balance will be entered into OVO Cash in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, if you choose the Regular, the balance will go to the bank account that has been added. For regular, the process usually takes about 1 to 7 days.


Currently, OVO only provides mutual funds in the money market type. Judging from its development, I think it’s pretty good and there have been a lot of users who have invested. Julybe in the future other types of mutual funds will also be added, for example bond or share.

Money market type mutual funds are suitable for short-term or long-term use. So if you want additional benefits when saving, I highly recommend investing the balance in mutual funds at OVO.

If you have other questions about buying or selling mutual funds on an OVO wallet, please write them in the comments column below this article.

Hopefully useful and good luck