How to Buy Coins on Vlive: HP and PC

All Free95 – For users of the Vlive application, you must already know about this application. Yep, a streaming or live application that features many South Korean artists in it.

In addition to watching your favorite idol broadcast, users can also watch the girlband\ boyband concerts that you like on the channel that houses them. In fact, K-POPers can get Vlive notifications if your favorite artist will host a live broadcast.

Well, if users watch videos in the Vlive application, there are two types of channels inside, namely the premium (paid) version and the regular version. alias free.

The advantage of the paid version of Vlive is that users can buy Fanship, Vlive +, Monsta X, Mamamoo, watch live idol concerts (although through electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops). So users can participate in enlivening the concerts of these artists, even through online methods.

Then, how to buy coins on Vlife?

In this article, our SerbaGratis95 team will try to help you find out how to top up V coin easily and correctly. Here are the details on how!

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How to Buy Coins on Vlive via HP and PC

Here is a tutorial on how to buy coins from the vlive app. Please watch to the end.

1. How to Buy Vlive Coins via HP

To buy V coins\ Vlive coins the first thing the user needs to do is to have your own Vlive account. If not, users can read how to register a Vlive account via the link we have provided.

After having a Vlive account, please open the Vlive main page menu. Then, tap on the profile picture that says MYwhich is at the bottom of the screen.

In the MY menu, please the user to enter Menu My Coin, then select the number of coins you want to buy. The price and amount of the coins include:

Vlive Coin Price List

  • 50 coins – Rp. 13000,-
  • 100 coins – IDR 27,000,-
  • 150 coins – Rp. 40,000,-
  • 200 coins – IDR 54,000,-
  • 400 coins – Rp.109,000,-
  • 600 coins – Rp. 159,000,-
  • 1200 coins – Rp.319,000,-
  • 1500 coins – Rp. 399,000,-

Just choose one of several options as needed. Then, the user will be thrown to the Menu Payment method.

Here users can choose to use any payment method, whether it’s using credit from a provider that has collaborated, debit or credit cards, gopay, exchange codes and buy Google Play balances.

After that, complete the payment, so users can register the coin to see your favorite idol in action, live.

2. How to Buy Vlive Coins via PC\Laptop

Furthermore, if the user uses a computer\laptop to watch videos on Vlive, we also prepare a way to buy coins through this device, namely:

  • Like how to buy coins via cellphone, users need to have an account and login to their respective Vlivemu accounts.
  • On the main Vlive page, please tap on the posts My Page. Then, to Menu My Coin.
  • In the My Coin menu, please select the number of coins want to buy.
  • If you have chosen the coin purchase option, the user just has to complete the payment.

The method: Go to the Payment Menu – Choose what payment you want to use – Click continue – Then select the payment method via ATM\bank transfer or Go-Pay.

If the user uses Go-Pay as a transaction tool, then the user needs to tap on the words “pay with Go-Pay”, then enter the Go-Jek application on your cellphone. Then, please tap Pay menu. For the next, just do a scan for the final final activity. Done

For users who use ATM\bank transfer media, please just follow the instructions that have been prepared, until the payment process is complete. It’s not much different. Users need to go to an ATM to make a transfer or directly transfer using the bank application that you use.

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Julybe that’s the only information we can convey regarding how to buy coins from the Vlive application. Use these coins to buy live broadcasts or concerts performed by your favorite idols. Don’t let true fans miss news from their idols! Thank you and hopefully useful