How to Buy Medicines at Halodoc, Success! – Halodoc users may have thought of buying medicine in this application but don’t know how to do it. Therefore, in this short article we will provide an explanation related to this.

Hellodoc is a platform that provides health information for its users, not only info, this application built by PT Media Dokter Investama is also facilitated with interaction features between doctors and patients.

With the emergence of the Halodoc health application, it is hoped that the public can more easily contact doctors, anytime and anywhere they are. Because this service can shorten the distance between doctors and sick people.

How to Buy Medicines at Halodoc

Talking about this health application, of course users have wanted to buy medicine at Halodoc, right? But don’t know how to do it.

To make it easier for you to buy medicine on the Halodoc application, below we have provided complete information related to this problem. So, please pay close attention, so you can buy drugs online in this HaloDoc application.

So that users can more easily get drugs that are in accordance with the recommendations of doctors who join this application. Here is the complete information for you.

How to Quickly Buy Medicines on the Halodoc Application

Before going to the topic of discussion, for those of you who don’t have the Halodoc application, please download it first on the Play Store. If so, please follow the steps below!


  • First, open the latest version of the Halodoc application.
  • Login using your Halodoc account.
  • On the application homepage, please click the menu Health Shop
  • Then, specify the type of drug you want to order. For example: Medicate Oil 20 ml.
  • Next, click Add to Cart.
  • Specify the order quantity.
  • If so, click on options Basket.
  • At this stage the user will be given details of the drug he wants to buy. Click Continue Payment to go to the next stage.
  • If there is something you want to convey, please write an additional note in the column Notes.
  • After that, click Continue Payment return.
  • On the Payment menu, users can choose which method they want to use, including: e-money GoPay.
  • Okay, here we will give an example of payment using the GoPay application. Before proceeding to the payment process, make sure your GoPay account is connected to the Halodoc application. If not, please click Connect on the Payments menu.
  • You will be asked to write down the number that has been connected to your GoPay account. If you click Verification.
  • Then, enter the Verification code sent by GoJek, via message. Usually 6 Digits. If you click Confirmation.
  • Then you will be asked to enter your GoPay PIN. Do as instructed and click Confirmation.
  • Last click Done.

By following the guidelines above, your GOPay account has been successfully linked to the Halodoc application. And managed to pay for drug orders in this Halodoc application. Please wait for the medication to be delivered to the home address listed.

Notes: Please set the home address to which you want to send the medicine, according to the address in the Halodoc account profile.

To chat or call the pharmacy or driver, you can check the Halodoc order history. Because, there will be detailed information related to the drug order that you are currently doing.

Please note, the Health Shop feature for purchasing drugs at Halodoc is not yet available support COD system. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of GoPay balance so that it is faster to make drug purchases in the Halodoc application.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to buy drugs at Halodoc. Hopefully with the little writing above it will make it easier for you to buy medicine for a loved one who is sick. Thank you and hopefully useful.