How to Buy Stumbel Guys Starter Package Multiple Times – The Stumbel Guys Starter Package offers an attractive promo for new players of this game. So it’s only natural that many Stumbel Guys players are interested in buying it several times.

However, is it possible to buy starter packs at Stumble Guys multiple times? Even though this package is only intended for new players and only one Stumble guys account for every user who joins this game?

If you are curious about the answer to this question, then please refer to the full explanation about being able to buy a starter pack several times in the Stumbel Guys game made by Kitka Game.

Stumble Guys Starter Package

For those of you who are curious about whether the starter package can be purchased more than once or not. Then the answer is yes! You can buy it multiple times using only one Stumble Guys account.

The Stumble Guys Starter Package provides many advantages for players who buy it. Whether it’s a low price (if you’re lucky, you can get a 50% discount), get 140 gems, get +1 spin every day, no ads, and so on.

So, it’s only natural that many players of this game want to be able to buy a cheap promo package specifically for beginners for the Stumble Guys application, which is quite cheap.

Requirements for getting the Stumble Beginner Package Guys

In order to get the starter pack multiple times, players need to know some terms and conditions to be able to do so. Among others are:

  • Make sure that your main account has purchased the starter package offered by Stumbel Guys.
  • Have two Stumbel Guys accounts, main account and backup account.
  • The internet network is good, because in practice it needs hand speed.
  • Prepare a balance to be able to directly buy Starter Packages at the Stumbel Guys store.

If all the requirements have been met, then now we will provide a guide in buying several starter packs in this Stumbel Guys game. Please read carefully the tricks that we share below.

How to Buy Stumbel Guys Starter Package Multiple Times

To be able to buy starter packs more than once, we will create a bug in the Stumbel Guys application. Therefore, in the information above we include hand speed in the terms and conditions. Here is the trick:

  • First, please log in to the Main account of the Stumbel Guys game first.
  • Then, exit the main account. Replace with a second account.
  • There will be a notification that this google play account has been connected to the user (account name). Change the account to that account. click Yes.
  • After the account name has changed, please visit the ‘Shop’ menu at Stumble Guys and see if the Starter Package promo is available or not.
  • If you already have one, at this stage you need to maximize your hand speed to be able to buy the Starter Package on your main account. (Must be fast!)
  • Remember! do it this way quickly.
  • Please log out of the second account, then click the logout icon in the upper left corner ( < ) and click the Shop menu.
  • If the stubble Guys shop or shop shows the Starter Package option, then you can already buy this package. click Yes to continue.
  • Make a purchase if the package is available.

Notes: Don’t let this ‘account (facebook or Google) notification be connected to the user (user account name). Change account to that account’ appears on Home, make sure it appears in the Stumbel Guys Game Store.

If during the process of switching accounts to the Store menu, the Starter package does not appear, repeat the account switch until the package appears. Therefore, hand speed is needed to make this package purchase bug.

For stubble players who don’t understand the guide above, you also provide a link to the video version. Please paste into the browser the link on the side to see the video guide. Link:

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to buy a starter package several times. Hopefully the tricks we share above are easy to accept and practice.

Make sure you prepare the various conditions that we proposed above, so that the process of purchasing the Starter Package can be carried out. That’s all and please try.