How to Cancel a Spotify Premium Subscription

You already know about this online music player service, namely Spotify. In addition to presenting almost complete music, there are many advantages in it compared to other music players, which refers to the convenience when using it.

Especially for premium users, of course, you will feel more comfortable because you won’t find ads anymore and can do skip songs without any limitations. Meanwhile, Spotify provides several types of premium accounts as needed, from personal, duo, to family ones.

Each of the premium types offers free trial access for 1 month, but in events Some can also be up to 3 months. During the trial period, users will not be charged anything until the trial period ends. But users are also free to cancel the subscription at any time when they are not satisfied with the service,

How to Cancel Subscription on Spotify

The process of canceling a Spotify subscription can only be done through the website. So you can’t do it from the app. The process is very fast and uncomplicated. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit website and log in to the account.

  2. Scroll down and click the button Ubah Paket.

    Click the Change Package Button

  3. Then scroll to the bottom and click the button Batalkan Premium.

    Canceling Subscription on Spotify Premium

  4. A confirmation page will appear, now you can press the button BATALKAN.

    Confirm Unsubscribe

  5. Done, you have successfully unsubscribed from the Spotify premium plan.

After successfully canceling your subscription, you will no longer be billed from Spotify for the next month. And to find out if it works or not, please check the current package section. If it’s written there Spotify Freemeans that you have successfully canceled it.

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Overall, you only need to switch plans to Spotify Free to cancel your premium subscription. As long as you do this successfully, you will not get another charge for the next month from the credit card that has been added.

If you encounter any problems regarding canceling your subscription to Spotify Premium, you are very welcome to comment so we can get help.

Hopefully useful and good luck