How to Capcut Not Lagging Latest 2022

How to use the capcut application so it doesn’t lag.

Who doesn’t know this tiktok viral application.

The capcut application is an application with a pause that often goes viral on tiktok, this application can also generate rupiah coffers.

In this capcut application, apart from only editing the pause, we can also generate rupiah coffers in this application.

This application provides templates where creators can appreciate the form of their editing work in this application.

With many of their template users, they automatically earn a lot, friend.

This application is widely used by editors to make money from the templates they create,

Now that’s interesting isn’t it, my friend can also register in this application and become a tiktok creator.

Especially with our many followers in this application, the greater our income will be in this capcut application.

Well this time what we will discuss is how to overcome the lagging capcut application, or what causes this capcut application to crash or break.

The first step that you can use so you don’t lag when editing is capcut.

1. Make sure your cellphone has been reloaded when you want to edit in this application. Make sure the application has been updated in the play store.

2. make sure the application that is opened is only the capcut application, if there are other applications that you open, you should remove them first and open the capcut application only.

3. Delete the file or file we used to edit in the Capcut application, when we edit it of course it will still be in the Capcut application. It can be said that it is a duplicate of our edit. It’s best to avoid this application from being lag-free when we delete the former file we edit.

4. Delete the template file that we created, so that this application can be fast and not lag when editing.

5. Make sure the application is updated in the play store so that it has a light feature when the application is updated.

6. Press and hold the capcut application then click on the application section. Then you will be taken to the settings menu and you can click clear data or just clear cache

If you delete data, it means that you will use the Capcut application like the first time you installed this application.

If my friend chooses to clear cache, what is deleted is only trash and not completely.

I suggest deleting the wipe data section so your application will feel light when used for editing pauses.

7. Make sure to use a high version of RAM to avoid getting stuck in this capcut application.

8. Also make sure the Android version must be slightly higher, for example the Android version 10. Usually this Android version can also cause this application to crash if our Android version is low.

That’s the discussion on how to overcome capcut so that it doesn’t lag, hopefully it’s useful and thank you