How To Change Android Emoji Into The Latest IOS 15.4

Assalamualikum friends online, this time we will discuss how to change Android emoji to the latest IOS 15.4.

Emoji are logos that we can use when sending messages or chatting, with these logos we can show our expressions to friends or relatives while chatting or texting.

Well, for those of you who might want to change the emoji display so you don’t get bored, you can change to the latest iOS 15.4 version, of course, by changing this emoji, you won’t be able to display emojis on our Android phones, of course.

Some time ago, iPhone has released the latest operating system with iOS 15.4 version and this will bring the latest features to your iPhone. This can bring up 123 emoji icons that you can use, of course.

The emoji emoji that are displayed are as follows: melting face emoji, respectful face emoji and many more emojis that you can get,

So, for those of you who are Android users who want to try this iOS 15.4 feature, you can do it, and if you are looking for this trick, then you are actually in the right article, so we will discuss how to change Android emojis to iOS 15.4.

Here are some ways for you Android users who want to experience the iOS 15.4 ink emoji, as follows:

you can need additional files and these filters you can get at

Then you need to use another application in the play store, and for the application the name is ZFont3 Emoji.

Tap on the top to enter the ios emoji font file. Select the folder that aims to save the emoji font3 file that we saved earlier. The downloaded file can then be ticked.

Tap Apply and your emoji will automatically change to this ios 15.5.

Changing the emoji font certainly makes. We don’t get bored if we want to use our android, and add enthusiasm to playing this ios emoji sticker.

That’s the discussion on how to change android emoji to emojinios 15.4, hopefully it’s useful and thank you