How to Change Background in Resso With Your Own Photo!

Portalsitaro.comResso App is one of the music player applications and video clips that are quite fond of until now. In fact, this application is at the top of the list of popular applications until this article was written, rivaling similar applications such as Spotify, Joox, Apple Music and others.

The official platform made by a British developer, Moon Video Inc., is now starting to compete and try to win the hearts of local residents, especially in the world of Indonesian music player applications.

This effort is increasingly visible with the provision of the “Premium” feature to be able to use the Resso application for 14 days. In addition, this application also makes other efforts such as holding events recruit new members with a total prize of Rp. 50.000,-.

Talking about the Resso application, have you ever wanted to know about how to change the background in Resso?

Julybe for new members of this application, changing the background on Resso will be quite difficult to do. However, if you already know how to replace it, this is certainly not a difficult matter, right? Here’s how to replace it!

How to Change Background in Resso

To change the background of the resso application, it’s actually not that hard to do. Users only need to do a few steps to be able to do it. Here’s how to change the background of the song display in the Resso application.

  • Step 1. Please open the Resso app.
  • Step 2. Play the song you want to replace with a photo\ image.
  • Step 3. Then, Please press the “Vibe” option.
  • Step 4. Press the “Add Vibe” button, then set which photos or videos you want to display in the music playback.
  • Step 5. After choosing a photo, please edit the photo or video according to what you want. Such as adjusting photos, filters and others.
  • Step 6. When finished in the editing process, please press checklist to continue.
  • Step 7. Users can add captions and set them as desired. Such as: making the results appear only for yourself.
  • Step 8. After steps 1-7 are done, please upload and wait until the process ends properly.
  • Step 9. If the upload process is complete, please play the music that the user uploaded earlier to check whether the background has been changed or not. If so then congratulations! Because you can change the background in this Resso application.

If the “Vibe” sign does not appear, maybe the user is a new user who has not been given the background change facility. So please be patient to be able to get this feature.

In addition, do not use exciting photos or videos that contain adult scenes, racism, and other illegal things. Because the management did not hesitate to give firm sanctions regarding this matter.

How, it’s easy, isn’t it, how to change the appearance of the background of the song in the Resso application, either using pictures or personal photos. Now users don’t know how to display their own photos on the Resso apk music player. So, please do it correctly the way we conveyed above.

That’s a little discussion that we can convey related to how to change the background or appearance of a song in the Resso application. Hopefully with the presence of the above information can be useful for all.

If the user has problems related to this discussion. We are welcome to ask it in the comments column provided. Thank you for visiting and please practice.