How to Change Email and Facebook Number 2022 – In using facebook, email and number is an important element for using a FB account. From the very beginning we created a Facebook account, we were treated to creating an account using an email or number.

Similarly, if we want to change the FB email to a number or vice versa. We can replace it without fear of losing the old facebook account that we have.

Since this time the admin of the all-free 95 blog wants to discuss this, so for those of you who are still afraid to change your email or facebook account number. Don’t worry, this time the admin will help those of you who want to replace it without having to be afraid of losing your FB account.

Change your email or facebook number is an alternative if the email or number that we use is problematic, it can make us calmer by changing the email and password in anticipation of something bad happening.

We can also create 2 emails in 1 FB, so if we forget one email we can use another email to log in to Facebook. According to the admin, this is much more effective than using just one email address or number.

How to Change Email and Number on Facebook

For those of you who don’t know how, here are the steps you have to take to change your email or FB number.

  • The first thing you do to change your email or FB number is log in to your Facebook.
  • Then after logging into your FB account, press the menu lines in the right corner of the Facebook menu.

  • After you are in the Facebook settings menu, please swipe down until you find the words “account settings“, then click on the text.

How to Change Email or Number on Facebook
  • Next, you press the words “general” in your FB account settings menu.
    How to Change Email or Number on Facebook
  • After entering the settings menu, you can change the email or number which you want to change by pressing “e-mail or number” already listed on the menu.
    How to Change Email or Number on Facebook
  • Then if you change your email you can press the words “add email“, as well as if you want to change the number.
    How to Change Email or Number on Facebook
  • Then enter “e-mail or number” that you changed earlier to replace the old email or number. You will then be asked to enter “facebook password” We. If you are asked for a password. Then press Add.
  • After the new email or number has been added, you can delete the old email or number that you no longer use.
    How to Change Email or Number on Facebook
  • Done.

Note: For FB users can use several emails or numbers to login facebook. However, for security, the admin recommends using only 2 emails to avoid unwanted things.

That’s how to change email or facebook number what the admin has said. You can replace it easily if you follow the steps above. Thank you for taking the time to read the method above, I hope the method above can be useful for you.