How to Change Google Account on Android Phone

Google accounts have many roles for Android phones, one of which is accessing the Play Store, so users can easily download applications or games there. But basically users can also add multiple Google accounts on one phone.

But having multiple accounts is sometimes confused when you want to choose one that is often used, especially when you want to log in to a game. On Android phones, features are also provided for switch account for an application, for example when using Gmail, you can choose which account you want to open.

It’s a different story if you just bought a cell phone, and the Google account linked to the phone doesn’t know the password. Of course, to secure the phone the best is change Google account with private property.

Tutorial to Change Google Account on Android

Before doing this method, make sure you already have a Google account that will be used to replace the existing account on the cellphone at this time. If not, please register first through the website Gmail.

Only 2 steps you need to implement, and both of them are very easy to do. Just look at the steps below, starting from the first.

1. Remove Old Google Account

If you don’t recognize the Google account on your phone, it’s best to remove it first. This is the whole point of changing a Google account today, so you can’t just change it right away, and have to take it out First the old account.

To remove it, here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click the Account menu.

  3. Choose Google.

  4. Then tap on the email address you want to remove.

  5. Then select the option Delete Account.

  6. If a warning appears, please tap Delete Account once again.

Deleting an account that is meant here is just logging out, so there’s no need to worry because this is the same as doing logout just.

2. Adding a New Google Account

After removing the account, you can now replace it with a new account. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Account Menu.

  3. Then tap menu Add Account.

  4. Then please select an option Google.

  5. After that enter the email address you want to add and follow the instructions.

To add an account, of course you need stable internet connection so that the process runs smoothly. And when the account has been added, that’s when you can successfully change the old Google account with the new one.

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It is very important to remove Google accounts that you feel are not recognized to protect privacy against user activity on the phone. Because Google accounts can detect some activity on their cellphones, such as location, when they were last active, and so on.

So to change it, you have to take out the old Google account and then enter the new one. Because there is no feature on Android phones that can directly change Google accounts directly. So the only way right now is to do both steps above.

Hopefully useful and good luck