How to Change IMEI Number on LDPlayer

Every Android emulator on the computer is usually available in the state ROOTED. So that users can do everything with the device on the emulator freely. Like changing device information, one of which is changing the IMEI number.

Basically the IMEI number for each device is different, because the number is a identity every device provided by vendors or the phone maker. If on an emulator, sometimes the IMEI number applied is fake, aka invalid when checked.

However, users can actually change the IMEI number with the IMEI number of other devices. If on the LDPlayer emulator, this can be done very easily without the need to install other applications.

Tutorial to Change IMEI Number in LDPlayer Emulator

Make sure you currently have an IMEI number that will be inputted later. You can also get a collection of valid IMEI numbers on the internet or in an application. And if you have prepared it, just look at the following method:

  1. Please open the LDPlayer program.

  2. Click settings icon (gears).

  3. Then go to tab Properties.

    Go to Properties Tab

  4. In the IMEI column, please change it to the number that has been prepared.

    Change IMEI Number on LDPlayer

  5. After that click the button Save to save the settings.

  6. The last step, please restart LDPlayer to apply the new IMEI number.

    Restart to Apply New IMEI Number

In addition to the IMEI number, in LDPlayer there is also an option to change the device model. You can write your own model or choose from several presets which has been provided.

Actually the IMEI number can also be obtained randomly by pressing the button Random, but as I said earlier that the number obtained is invalid. So if you want a valid number, the only way is to enter it manually.

Checking IMEI Number After Changing

Julybe you are still curious whether the IMEI number has changed or not. But as long as you have restarted LDPlayer, surely the number has been updated. To be sure again, please install an application called My IMEI.

Match IMEI Number in LDPlayer

Please match the number displayed on the application with the one in the settings. If they are the same, it means that you have successfully changed the number. Meanwhile, if it is different, then please try restarting the LDPlayer program and after that check again.

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LDPlayer gives freedom to all users to change device type and system information easily. However, some other things of course require a supporting application to change it, for example changing the Device ID or more detailed device information.

Because some apps sometimes limit the use of the emulator, so changing some system information properly will make the app not recognize if you are running it as an emulator.

And in addition, if the option to change the IMEI number is not available, chances are you are using an older version. So please download the latest version on the LDPlayer website.

Hopefully useful and good luck