How to Change Message Center on Android Phone

Message Center or also known as SMSC has uses for routing messages and managing the process. Simply put, it is used as an intermediary when you send messages. So that later the Message Center is responsible for sending to the destination number.

Each mobile card has a different message center. And if you set it wrong, allow the message you created will not be sent or even your phone too can’t receive message from another number.

For that, it is very important to set it up properly so that SMS messages can be sent or received properly. And in this article, we will explain the procedure for changing the message center via an Android phone.

Change Message Center on Android

Most Android phones can change the message center as long as the android card is connected. However, some phones also don’t have the option to change it, and can only check the number.

Every Android phone also has a different look for the messaging app. But in this article I will share how on mobile phones Samsung, which I think is not much different from other Android phones. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Open the Messaging app.

  2. Tap the three-dot option and select Arrangement.

  3. Go to menu More Settings.

    Tap More Settings

  4. Tap on menu Text Message.

    tap Text Message Menu

  5. Then tap menu Message Center.

    Select Message Center

  6. Now you can change the message center number on the phone.

    Change Message Center Number on Android Phone

Julybe on other phones there are different menus, but that doesn’t matter because to set the message center number it is in the settings of the messaging application that is used now.

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Setting up Message Center on Android is easy on messaging app settings used. Although by default the number SMSC has been set correctly according to the SIM card used, but you can confirm it again or change it with another alternative number.

While the message center number can be obtained from each card operator. You can contact the service customer serviceand they will certainly give you the message center number.

If you have questions about how to set up a message center on Android, just ask them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck