How to Change Neo Bank Number: Lost and Inactive – Bank Neo Bank application users: BNC digital bank may be a bit confused about how to replace a Neo number that has been lost or is no longer active.

The incident of wanting to change this neo bank number could be due to various reasons, whether it was dropped, lost, or the active period and grace period of the prepaid card he used for this bank digital list had expired.

In fact, the use of a number that is already associated with a neo bank account is quite vital. Because it is used to access the Neo bank BNC application account which is available on the official Google Play Store platform.

Well, for those of you who want to change the Neo: BNC digital bank number. then below we will provide a guide for you. So, neomu account can be accessed again.

So, how do I do it? Here is a tutorial on changing your neobank/Neo+ number that you can do.

How to Change Neo Bank Number

Via Call Center Bank Neo

To change the number associated with bank neo, users can directly contact the call center of bank neo commerce.

When dealing with cs Bank Neo, please make a request to change the old number to the new number.

In order for the process request Changes to this number are faster to respond, you can too chat or inbox to the neo commerce bank social media page. For example, Facebook or Twitter.

Tell me the reason why you want to change neo’s bank number. Then, you will then be directed to verify via WhatsApp bank neo video call.

Things that need to be prepared in the process of changing the neo bank account number are: full name, ID and photo ID, old cellphone number, new cellphone number, wa number, email address, reason for change, and being willing to make a video call.

Via BNC Branch Office

The second way you can do is to directly visit the neo bank branch office which now only operates in a few big cities.

People who want to change their cellphone number can directly visit the nearest neo branch office and make an attempt to change to another number.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to change Neo or Neo+ numbers in various ways. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. especially for people who are looking for this guide. Thank you and hopefully useful.

Source: neo-commerce bank