How to Change Number on Higgs Domino Island – Higgs Domino Island players may be confused when the phone number associated with this game account is lost or has been inactive for some reason. Therefore we will provide information related to how to change numbers at Higgs Domino Island 2022.

Higgs Domino Island is a card game created by the nation’s children which is quite a lot played by gamers in the country. There are already 10 million users of this application who have downloaded and played this game that “he said” can make money.

At first, to use the Higgs Domino apk, users need to register using an e-mail and cellphone number. However, sometimes this game player forgets the phone number he uses.

Another reason, the number that has been linked in this domino higgs is lost or no longer active for some reason. Therefore, in this article we will provide information about how to change the domino higgs cellphone number. So, users don’t need to be confused about this small problem that is happening to you.

Then, how do I change the number in this domino higgs, min? To find out more about it, please read this article to the end so that users know the detailed steps.

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How to Change Number on Higgs Domino Island

Here we will present 2 methods of changing the domino island higgs number, namely for users who still have an active number and a missing or inactive number.

1. How to Change an Active Higgs Domino Number

  • First, go to Settings.
  • On the security center menu, please tap on the Change option
  • There will be a verification code message from Higgs Domino to the associated number.
  • Enter the code, then press Send.
  • Next, please enter a new HP number. Then tap “Get” to get the verification code again.
  • Enter the new code, then press Send again. Done

2. How to Replace the Lost\Inactive Higgs Domino Number

The trick to changing the second domino island higgs cellphone number, users need to take advantage of the Customer Service (CS) feature to do it. The reason is, if you use the first method, it is almost impossible to do.

Here’s how to replace the lost cellphone number in Higgs Domino with the help of CS:

  • First, please prepare proof of account ownership by way of SS (screenshot) in the section Profile Details and Highs Domino Island Game Prize Menu this.
  • Next, please select Menu Service. And you will be directed to the online CS page.
  • At this stage you can wait in line for a consultation, or directly convey what we want by clicking on the option “Leave a message”.
  • In the message field, please fill in what you want to convey. Because in this article we are focusing on changing the Higgs domino phone number, please include the reason + the HP number associated with the Higgs Domino Island account.
  • Oh yes, don’t forget to select the CS server reply so that the process can be handled directly by the related party.
  • To emphasize that you really want to change the number in this highs domino game, please enter the two photos that have been screenshotted in the photo upload menu.
  • Finally, send all the files above that have been filled in by clicking options Submit.
  • A pop up window will appear confirming data transmission. Then tap Define.

After completing the steps above, the user just waits for a reply message confirming the change of number from CS Higgs Domino. If the application is accepted, a message will appear and the user just has to follow the steps to change the Higgs Domino Island phone number which is no longer active.

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That’s how to change the number on Higgs Domino Island that we can provide, either using an active number or without a number. Hopefully with the two methods above, this game player can return the number associated with this domino higgs account id.

By the way, if you want to change the password for this game, you can see the article on how to change the domino higgs password that we published earlier. That’s all and I hope this little article is useful