How to Change Photo and Video Resolution on Android Camera

The higher the resolution of a photo or video, the better the quality will be. Allows the image to not become blurry when zoomed in. And by default, all Android phones are set to the highest resolution according to the camera megapixels.

However, there are some phones that support video recording up to 4K (Ultra HD) which must first be set in the settings in order to use it. And even on all Android phones actually free to choose resolution whatever you want to use to capture photos or videos.

For example, the camera on your phone is 12MPbut want to take a photo with 8MP course, of course it is very doable. Or another example is the default video recording on your phone is 1080p and want to set it as 720p to save storage space. How to do this will be explained in this article.

Setting Resolution or Megapixels on Android Camera

Before explaining, I want to remind you that the default camera application on Android phones is not always the same. But the menu to set it is almost the same. And this method is not done through the phone’s Settings, but from the camera application settings.

Here’s how to set the resolution on the Android camera:

  1. Open the camera app.

  2. Tap the settings option (gear icon).

    Tap Settings Options

  3. Scroll down and find Image Size.

    Tap Photo Resolution

  4. Please set as desired resolution.

    Changing the Resolution or Megapixels of Photos and Videos on Android Camera

Likewise for video resolution, the procedure is the same as above. And maybe on some phones there is a slight difference in menu names, but that doesn’t matter as long as the feature to adjust the resolution or megapixels does exist for all Android. And to set it is always in the camera application settings.

Setting Photo and Video Resolution in GCam

GCam or Google Camera is a camera application that has the following features: image-processing which is stable compared to other applications. Although this camera app is basically only available for mobile phones Google Pixelbut many developers do ported and modify it to work on other phones.

Of course in the GCam application there are settings to change the resolution of photos and videos. Please open the GCam application first, then go to Settings. Then scroll down and find under Camera Photo Resolution. Here is an example picture.

Setting Photo and Video Resolution in GCam

It’s almost the same as setting it up in the default camera application, only the menu looks different.

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Setting a higher resolution will make the image quality better, but the file size will be larger. Meanwhile, by setting it lower, the image quality will decrease and the file size will be smaller.

Likewise with videos. If I think the size is 1080p (Full HD) is actually clear to watch. Whereas if you set it as 4K, then the free storage that the phone has must be very high. Because just 1 minute video file size can be up to 500MB.

Do you have any other questions about how to set the resolution or megapixels for a photo or video? Please comment in the column below.

Hopefully useful and good luck