How to Change Right Click to Left Click on Mouse

Basically, left-click on the mouse is usually used as the main button to select a context on the screen, while right-click is used to display other options. But have you ever thought about making right click functional as left click?

It’s not impossible on Windows, but it will definitely feel a little weird when you use it later. But over time you will definitely get used to using it, and maybe it will take a long time.

You don’t need another program to do this, because the option to change right click to left click Windows itself has provided in the settings, and in this article we will explain how to do it.

Converting Right Click To Left Click on Mouse

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click on menu Devices.

    Click the Devices menu

  3. Next click menu Mouse.

    Click Mouse Menu

  4. In section Select your primary button change to Right.

    Converting Right Click To Left Click on Mouse

  5. Done, now right click has been successfully changed to left click.

There is no need to restart the device, because the settings will be felt immediately after changing it. But if not, please try removing the mouse and then plugging it back in.

To change it again is the same as the method above, it’s just that you need to change the options Right Becomes Left. And after that the buttons on the mouse will be normal as before.

And one more thing, this setting does not only affect one mouse, but for all mice used on the device. If you only want to change it on one mouse only, please use the default mouse program if available.

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Changing the main button (left) to the right button can be done directly in the settings without the need to use another program. And these settings affect all mice that will be used on the device.

In addition, some types of mouse also provide options that only affect one mouse, one of which is Corsairwhich can manage all the buttons through a program called iCUE.

This technique may be more specific for users who want a new feel in using the mouse, or perhaps are experiencing injury to the index finger. At first it may feel a little strange and wrong to operate something, but over time you will get used to it.

Hopefully useful and good luck