How to Change Screen Orientation in Windows 10

It’s not just the screen on the cellphone whose rotation can be changed, even on a Windows computer you can too. Especially for those who use touchscreen laptops, this feature may be very important for certain circumstances.

So without using any program, you can easily change the orientation or rotation of the screen as needed. And you don’t have to think about how it looks later, because the UI in Windows 10 is responsive to all screen sizes.

If you’ve ever accessed a computer screen on your phone, that’s the kind of portrait view you can enjoy. And by defaultWindows 10 screen orientation is set as landscape.

Changing Screen Orientation or Rotation in Windows 10

  1. Right click on the desktop.

  2. Select on menu Display Settings.

  3. Scroll down to section Display Orientation.

    Go to the Display Orientation Section

  4. Please change the column below with the desired rotation.

    Changing Screen Orientation in Windows 10

  5. Instantly the rotation will immediately change.

There are about 2 types of screen orientation that you can choose, namely landscape and Portrait. But the 2 types can also be reversed if you choose the option Flipped. To restore it to its original state, simply select on the option Landscape.

Why Doesn’t The Screen Orientation Change?

Normally the rotation on the screen will immediately follow the setting when it is changed. However, there are instances where it doesn’t matter. And from some cases that happened, this was due to program which is controlling the screen rotation.

So make sure you are not currently installing applications that affect the system screen rotation. Because maybe the program is running in the background and blocking screen orientation changes.

Alternatively, you can restart the device first and then do the steps above again.

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Windows provides a feature to quickly and easily change the screen orientation. So users no longer need to install other programs. The display on Windows also remains neat and will not be messy, both in terms of menus, taskbars, and others.

If you experience problems when changing the screen orientation in the tutorial above, please comment directly to get a solution as quickly as possible.

Hopefully useful and good luck