How to Change Security Code on OVO

The Security Code in OVO is something that needs to be protected like a PIN or password. Without this code, of course, you will not be able to access the wallet and also make transactions at all merchants.

Therefore, make sure that the Security Code that you use is unknown to others. And if you are not sure or can’t be sure whether the Security Code that is used today is really safe, then it’s a good idea to change it.

For example, you use a very simple code, namely “123456“, it must be very dangerous and risky. And if you want to replace it, please follow the steps below.

Tutorial Changing Security Code on OVO

  1. Open the OVO app and head to Profile.

  2. Scroll down to the Security section, and tap menu Change Security Code.

    Tap Menu Change Security Code

  3. Please enter the current Security Code.

    Enter the current OVO Security Code

  4. Then enter the new Security Code.

    Create New Code

  5. You will be asked to re-enter the new Security Code to make sure it is correct.

    Entering Return Code

  6. Wait a few moments, and the Security Code has been changed successfully.

    Changing Security Code in OVO

If the phone is using additional security such as a PIN, Fingerprint or Iris Recognition, it will also be required during the code change process. This is implemented in order to ensure to the system that the one who changed the code was the owner of the phone.

Failed to Change OVO Security Code? This is the solution

Make sure that the condition of the internet connection that you are using is stable, because the process of changing this code requires a response from the server. So if the server does not respond due to a slow connection, surely the code change will fail.

And as has been written above, that the process of changing this code requires additional security to identify the owner of the cellphone. If the process is not carried out or may fail, of course the security code will not change.

Apart from that, the cause of the failure to change the Security Code or this Security Code is from the OVO server itself. If this happens, you just have to wait a while and then try changing again. But you can also contact the OVO support service or OVO Booth nearest if it keeps failing to change the security code.

What If I Forgot OVO Security Code?

For this problem, the handling is different, because if you forget the code, you certainly won’t be able to access the OVO wallet. But you still have the opportunity to change the code even if you forget it without having to contact OVO.

The procedure has been explained in the article entitled Forgot OVO PIN Code? This is an easy step to solve it. Please follow the steps in the article. As long as the mobile number is still active, you can change the security code.

Hopefully useful and good luck