How to Change Song Quality on Spotify

Did you know that music played on the internet has different qualities. And it can be seen from how high the bitrate of the music file is. The lower the bitrate, the lower the song quality, and vice versa.

Normally the 128Kbps bitrate of music is good enough to listen to on mobile phones, laptops, small speakers, or headsets. But if played on large speakers, it will definitely require higher bitrate so the sound doesn’t crack.

On Spotify, you can choose the quality of the song which will affect the bitrate of the song file. And by default it is set as automatic to suit internet conditions.

How to Change Song Quality on Spotify

You can do this in the Spotify app on your phone or on your PC. And know beforehand that setting the song quality high will affect the streaming size of the song. It’s like setting the video quality here when watching on Youtube.

Please follow the procedure for changing the quality of Spotify songs below:

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Tap the Settings icon in the right corner.

    Tap on Settings Options in Spotify

  3. Scroll down to section Music Quality.

  4. And on options Streamingplease change it from Automatic, to the desired quality.

    Changing Song Quality on Spotify

After setting it, the quality of the song will change instantly. If you want to save quota when listening to songs on Spotify, please set the quality to low.

If you want to see the difference, it can be done with a headset at high volume. The song will crack or break at high volume at the lowest quality. But if it is set as normal or high quality, it definitely won’t break.

I really don’t recommend trying to check the difference because it’s quite risky on the ears, considering the maximum volume on the headset can sometimes numb the ears. But if you want to know the difference in music quality, please try the bitrate test on MP3 files that can be done through the Mp3ornot site, and it’s definitely safe.

Music Quality Solution on Spotify Can’t Be Changed

Did the menu change to grayed out so that nothing can be pressed? Usually this is because there are other devices playing music on the same account.

The solution is to separate accounts from other devices, so that one account is only for one device. And then the option to change the music quality will be pressed from now on.

Also make sure you are using the latest version of the Spotify application so that this feature is available. To update it, please do so from the Play Store or the Apps Store. And avoid downloading Spotify on other websites, as it may not be the latest version.

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The above method is applied via cellphone, and the procedure is almost the same even though it is done via a computer. Because all it takes is to go to the settings section and after that start changing the streaming quality of the song.

In addition to only the quality of the songs, Spotify premium users can also adjust the quality of the download as well, you know. And once again know that setting the quality to the highest will cause song file size also increased up to 2x of normal.

As a best advice is to keep it set to Automatic or Normal. If set to auto, the system will play music at the same quality as the internet connection. For example, the internet connection is fairly fast, so Spotify will also choose high quality for the best experience. And vice versa if the connection is slow, then Spotify will set the music quality at low quality.

Hopefully useful and good luck