How to Change Spotify Playlist Cover with Your Own Image

All Spotify users have the freedom to create custom Playlists containing the songs they like. There is no limit to the songs that can be added, and by default the cover of the created playlist will be an image of some of the songs that have been added.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the cover was turned into its own image? To make it look different and definitely make it looks cool from the previous. Instead of using cover random created automatically by the system, of course this will be the main attraction.

Changing Playlist Covers on Spotify

Any image can be used as a playlist cover as long as it doesn’t violate Spotify’s terms or guidelines. And this article will explain two tutorials, the first is for computer devices, and the second is for mobile devices.

This method can be applied to a free Spotify account. And please follow the tutorial below according to the type of device used.

1). Using Computer

Previously, make sure the Spotify software or program has been installed and is currently logged in to the account. If it has been met, please start doing the following ways.

  1. Click on a Playlist.

    Select Playlist

  2. Then click on the playlist cover.

    Click on Cover

  3. Then click the three-dot option button, and select Replace Image.

    Click Replace Image

  4. Now select the image you want to cover.

  5. When finished, click the button SAVE to save.

    Change Spotify Playlist Cover with Own Image

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2). Using Mobile

Unlike the Spotify application on the computer, in the mobile application there is no option to change the cover of the created playlist. But there’s a little trick you can do, and it requires an extra app to make it work.

You have to use an app called Change Playlist Image Spotify which can be downloaded at Play Store. And to use the application is very easy, just allow third party app access when you log in to Spotify, and after that your playlist will appear in the application and can be directly transferred.

Change Spotify Playlist Image Via Android

Not only images can be transferred, but you can set the playlist description like doing it on a computer. Meanwhile for users iOS, unfortunately there is no such application to change the cover easily. So there is no other way but to do it directly from the computer.

Hopefully useful and good luck