How to Change the Default Music Player App in Windows 10

Windows has a built-in music player named Groove Music. The application is quite good and has a responsive display like a music player on a cellphone. But there are many drawbacks when compared to others.

Many users prefer other music player applications because have more features and also the appearance that can be changed. An example is Winamp and AIMP.

For that, wouldn’t it be better to turn the main music player into a preferred application? That way every time you play an Mp3 file it will immediately open the media player application as expected.

Changing the Windows 10 Music Player Default Application

It’s not difficult and it’s the same as changing the default browser app. You can do all that from the settings. And here’s the complete way, please see below.

  1. Please open Windows Settings.

  2. Then click menu Apps.

    Click the Apps menu

  3. After that click menu Default Apps.

    Click Default Apps on Windows

  4. In section Music Player please change it with the desired music player application.

    Changing the Default Music Player App in Windows 10

  5. Done, now the new music player application has been set as the default.

Now every time you play a music file through Explorer it will be directed to the music player application that has been set up. So the Groove Music app will no longer be used from now on.

And if you don’t understand how to get to Windows Settings, it can be done easily via the button START and then pressing Settings icon which is there.

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Not only the default music player has been replaced a lot, even other applications such as video players also mostly use other applications. This is because the features offered by Windows are too minimalist and there are no major developments in their features.

And one more thing before ending this article. That is all icon on audio files, be it Mp3, AMR, AAC, and so on are likely to change according to the program used. For example, when using Winamp, the mp3 file icon will turn blue. So no need to worry about that.

Hopefully useful and good luck