How to Change the Gtk Info Password According to the Rules – When you want to log in to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s GTK Info, users sometimes get a ‘login error, because your password doesn’t meet the requirements’.

This happens because the user misses several things, including the password does not contain at least one special character or the password is not combined with capital or ordinary letters.

Well, below we will provide a method on how to change the GTK info password according to the rules. So that the semester certification allowance can be displayed on this government education site.

Changing GTK Info Password

Julybe some people will be confused by the warning, even though in the 2022 version of the Dapodik application which was upgraded yesterday we just changed it.

Even so, you don’t have to worry. Because on this occasion we will share a guide to change the GTK info password properly and correctly.

So, what should be done to be able to change the info.gtk password according to min rules? Just follow the steps we provide below. Also Read: Why GTK Info Can’t Be Opened? This is the reason

How to Change the GTK Info Password According to the Rules

Here are the steps in changing your gtk info account password. Please read slowly so you don’t make a mistake.

  • First please go to this URL: specifically used for school operator accounts. Because, only school operators can change student or teacher account passwords at schools.
  • Once open, click the ‘account, account list, and ptk’ menu.
  • Choose one of the PTK names. Then click the ‘pencil’ icon option.
  • Will appear enter ‘update password’. Please enter a new password that you find easy by meeting the following criteria:

Use special symbols (@#%&*+_)
Use a capital letter at the beginning of the password. (student)
Combine with lowercase letters. ([email protected])
Combine with numbers ([email protected])
Example of a GTK info password according to the rules ([email protected])

  • If you think the password is well set, and easy to memorize. Please click ‘update’ to continue.
  • Please login to the dapodik application to ‘Withdraw Data’.
  • Don’t forget to use the latest version of the Dapodik application. Of course, those who support your cellphone.
  • After completing the ‘Withdraw Data’ process, try going to the ‘Settings’ menu, then exchange user access using a GTK info account that has been updated with the password.
  • Don’t forget to input your dapodik registration number too.
  • After the user’s GTK account appears, then click the ‘Gtk Assignment’ menu. Then click the button (Create/Change Gtk Account).
  • Change the password according to the password we have updated in sp.dapodik earlier.
  • If you have clicked ‘Save’.
  • Finally, sync the user’s dapodik application account. So that we don’t need to enter a password when logging in again.

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That’s the information that we can convey regarding how to change the gtk password according to the rules that exist on the website. We hope that the information we have provided above is useful for all of you. Especially the teachers and students who have difficulty in changing the pw of this study account.