How to Change the Higgs Domino Island Background, Success! – Julybe Higgs Domino players have experienced boredom when they see the background display of your account profile? And want to find out how to change the background?

If so, maybe this article can help you do that. The reason is, in this discussion we will explain how to change the background of the Higgs Domino Island application in various ways.

For those of you who want to know how to do it, let’s see the full explanation of how to change the background on Higgs Domino Island properly and correctly. To make your game account look cooler and more stylish.

How to Change the Higgs Domino Island Background

In this article, we will provide an explanation of how to change the two display backgrounds in this Higgs Domino game application, namely the loading display or the lobby display.

For those of you who can’t wait to know how to do it, please read the text below to the end.

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Change the look of the Higgs Domino Island Lobby

If players want to change the Lobby Highs domino display background, please follow these steps!

  • Before going to the topic of discussion, please prepare supporting applications, such as: Higgs domino apk latest version, PixelLab and MT Manager.
  • Don’t forget to extract the Higgs Domino apk file first.
  • If the extraction process is complete, then click View.
  • Please visit the folder assets and click the “lobby” folder.
  • Well, in that folder, please look for the “DG_xf_bg” file.
  • Then, open the PixelLab app to select the image you want to apply.

Notes: Try the size of the Lobby Domino Island display image is 1600×720. If you have trouble adjusting the image size, please use a loading background photo to make the change process easier.

  • If so, please change the name of the image to “DG_xf_bg”. Must!
  • Finally, please move the image to the left by auto sign checklist and click add.
  • Done

How to Change the Higgs Domino Loading Background

Next, we will discuss how to change the background in the loading section of the Higgs Domino Island game. This second method is not much different from the first. It’s just that there are a few small differences that you need to make. Here’s the full info!

  1. If you change the appearance of the lobby you need a “lobby” folder. So to change the loading of the Domino Island game you need to find a folder “language_base_rase” on the menu assets.
  2. Please open the word 2 folder. Then you will see the loading background of this game.
  3. Next, please prepare the background image you want to use.
  4. Enter the PixelLab application and enter the image you want to use as the background in the “use image from gallery” option in the application settings.
  5. Don’t forget to set the image to a size of 1600×720!
  6. If you click save as image.
  7. The next step, please open the MT Manager apk. Then locate the PixelLab folder.
  8. After entering the folder, click sort and sort by latest date.
  9. Then click OK.
  10. The image that you have edited will appear and will be the background display for loading the Higgs Domino Island game account.
  11. Rename the image to DG_loading_bg (should be).
  12. Move the image to the left by tapping Add. And make sure auto sign checklist. Done

By doing the steps above, you will be able to change the lobby background and loading higgs domino island. How easy isn’t it?

Now you know the procedure for changing the Higgs Domino island background through the short article above. For those of you who have difficulty in practicing the method, you can follow the tutorial via the YouTube link below


Questions About Changing Higgs Domino Island Background

Do you need to root your cellphone to be able to change the background of this domino higgs?


Is it possible to replace the background image with a video?


How to solve after the editing process is complete, the Higgs Domino application fails to install?

Please repeat the above method, there may be an error in the image size or the associated image file name. Or it could be that your version of Higgs Domino Island can’t be installed with the background.

Can the Higgs Domino Island MOD apk background be edited, or is it only the original version?

Both the modified and the original, all the backgrounds can be changed.

There are options when extracting files are running, namely “Copy and Replace, Skip this File, and copy leaving both files”. Which one to choose?

Please select the first number, which is: Copy and Replace.

Notes: There are several versions of the higgs domino game that do not support this background change, namely 1.75, 1.61, and others. Try to use version 1.71 which is often used successfully to change the background of this money-making game.

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That’s the information we can provide, if you encounter problems in the process of changing the background of this Higgs domino game, please submit it in the comment column that we have provided. That’s all and good luck