How to change the telegram theme like whatsapp 2022

Change the telegram theme like whatsapp, maybe many want the telegram look like in wa. so as not to get bored in opening the display on telegram, of course. this is a lot of searching in telegram searches.

Telegram is a chat application or application to watch a filter or video, or even watch Korean dramas, you can also watch it through this telegram application. Many users have used this telegram application.

To change the telegram theme like whatsapp, it’s actually quite easy to change the appearance, to change the appearance of a telegram like whatsapp is to create a theme on the telegram itself and there are other ways, namely by looking for the android channel name with the blue tick. We will discuss it later in this article.

Which in the menu section of the telegram theme we can change properly like whatsapp, of course, how to change it, we don’t need to use additional applications, we just need to use the telegram application itself.

Now for those of you, who are curious about how to change the appearance of a telegram like WhatsApp, it’s very easy. Here are some tricks on how to change the appearance of Telegram like the latest WhatsApp.

Steps Peryama open your telegram, then you select the search menu in the upper right corner,

Search for channel name android themes Channel and have a blue tick.

Open the channel and select in the upper right corner again then select the whatsTm theme

Then click on the apply menu then you can change the appearance of telegram like whatsapp.

To change the appearance of the chat on Telegram, you can also do it, if you want to change the appearance in the Telegram chat menu, just click on the settings section.

Then select in the chat settings section, then you will get a theme menu, and just select the theme you want.

Telegram itself for now has many users, for those of you who don’t have this telegram application, you can get it on the play store.

In this telegram application, we can also create a group or channel, you know. So for those of you who are curious, you can just install it for Instagram.

On the telegram channel we can share our activities or our groups, which if our group is liked a lot then automatically there will be a lot of followers on our telegram channel.

That’s the discussion on how to change the appearance of a telegram like whatsapp, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.