How to Change the Wa Font on Iphone

How to Change the Wa Font on Iphone- Whatsapp is a chat application that sends messages in the form of videos, SMS, gifs and others. WhatsApp applications are commonly used, with a simple and easy to understand appearance. WhatsApp itself is a simple application and has many features. There are many hidden features that we can get. WhatsApp actually has many features that we can use, right where for WhatsApp itself we can private our status, our profile photo and many more features that we can get in this WhatsApp application.

We can actually change the WhatsApp font itself, but how to change the WhatsApp font on the iPhone?

Julybe for iPhone users if you want to change the font on WhatsApp, it’s a little difficult, if we want to change the WhatsApp font on the iPhone so that it looks unique and attractive we can do it.

For those of you iPhone users who want to change the font on your WhatsApp, the method is actually very easy. For how to change the WA font on an iPhone, you can follow the steps below.

First you can open your iPhone, then for how to change the WhatsApp font on the iPhone, the method is as follows:

How to Change the Wa Font on Iphone

The first step you can open the app store on your iPhone.

You can search for the Font application in the app store. Then open the font application and you can tap on the get started menu section.

If a menu appears, please allow the application to appear.

For the next step, you can enter the settings menu on your iPhone. Tap on the general menu section on your iPhone, and then you can select the keyboard menu. Fan select the menu. Add a new keyboard, then select the desired font and select the font keyboard,

Then you can activate it in the allow full access section on the screen.

Then you can open your wahtsapp and then long press on the globe icon on your whatsapp. to change the whatsapp font on iphone. select the font and type of format you want to use. how easy it is not to change the wa font on the iphone.

That’s the discussion of Carw Changing the Wa Font on the Iphone, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.