How to Change User or Admin Password in WordPress

WordPress has very strict security in storing passwords for each account. The reason is, the password or password that you use has been encrypted in the database. Plus there is a security plugin to add double security to the website.

Changing your WordPress password can be done easily via the admin page. It’s just that some people may still be confused to do it. And actually WordPress itself has also provided features Password Generator.

Even with features Password Generator capable of providing very strong passwords, but some people prefer to set their own passwords. And in this article, we will share the procedure for changing the password.

Tutorial to Change Password in WordPress

Actually there are two ways that you can apply to change the password in WordPress. That is through admin pageor use features forgot password. But here I will share a way through the admin page, because I think it’s easier to do.

Here are the steps to change password in WordPress:

  1. Go to the Dashboard Page.

  2. Click menu User.

    Click User Menu

  3. Then click the name of the user you want to change the password for.

  4. Scroll down and click the button Atur Kata Sandi Baru.

    Click the Create Password Button

  5. Then click on the password field, and change it to the desired password.

    Changing User or Admin Password in WordPress

  6. After that click the button Perbarui Pengguna to save.

    How to Change WordPress Password

Generally, WordPress recommends using a password of at least 8 characters along with symbols, numbers, and also uppercase letters in order to increase security. But even if you set it with a low password strength, that’s fine too.

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Changing the WordPress password for a specific user is very easy and doesn’t take long. What’s more you will get notification via email if there is a password change.

Meanwhile, changing the password through the forgot password feature is almost as easy, but the method above is more practical. Because that feature is only reserved for when you completely forget your password and can’t get into the dashboard.

Hopefully useful and good luck