How to Change Wallpaper on All Android Phones

For owners of new Android phones, the first thing that comes to mind when decorating your phone is to change the wallpaper or background of your phone. And basically every phone is equipped with several wallpapers to choose from.

But users can also set wallpapers with images they already have in the Gallery, such as personal photos or photos downloaded on the internet. In addition, there are also many complete wallpaper provider applications to make users have no shortage of images in choosing the right wallpaper.

Setting Wallpaper on an Android phone is very easy, and for those of you who still don’t know how to set it, then it’s very appropriate to enter this article. Here we will share the easiest and fastest way to set wallpaper, as well as some additional ways.

How to Change Android Phone Wallpaper

The easiest and fastest way is via Gallery. You only need to prepare the photo you want to use as wallpaper, and after that follow the steps below to start changing it.

  1. Open Gallery.

  2. Tap on the photo you want to set as wallpaper.

  3. After that tap three dot option at the top right.

  4. And choose an option Set As Wallpaper.

    Select Option Set As Wallpaper

  5. If a dialog appears, select Home Screen.

    Select Home Screen

  6. After that tap the button Set on Home Screen.

    Changing Wallpaper on Android Phone

  7. Done, now the wallpaper has been successfully changed.

In connection with the display on each phone is different, most likely there is a slight difference from the first step.6. Usually on some phones, the button is Apply to start applying the wallpaper.

And you can too change wallpaper on lock screen in almost the same way. Just follow the tutorial above until the next step5and after that select it as Lock Screen.

Tips so that the wallpaper is not blurry

Blurry wallpaper is caused by the image quality being too low, such as the resolution being too small compared to the screen resolution. For that, the only way so that the image does not become blurry is to use an image of the best quality.

For camera photos it may not be a problem, but if you use images downloaded from the internet, make sure the resolution is HD (720×1280) or Full HD much better.

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Set Live Wallpaper from App

In most wallpaper applications on the Play Store, you will immediately be provided with the option to set the wallpaper in the application. This also includes an easy and practical way if you don’t want to bother downloading the image.

And maybe someday you also need to try live wallpapers to decorate the phone even better. It’s a pretty smart moving image, like it can detect time, movement, and so on.

Hopefully useful and good luck