How to chat on WhatsApp without saving a number

How to Chat on WA without saving a number_ how to chat on whatsapp without saving a lot of numbers in search of whatsapp users, because many people want to know how to send messages on whatsapp without having to save the person’s number.

The WhatsApp application is a chat application, send videos and gifs that are commonly used by Android and iPhone users. for those of you who don’t have this whatsapp application, you can get it in the play store for android users and blind app store iphone users. the whatsapp application itself has a simple, elegant and easy to use appearance even though it is a beginner in whatspp.

With a simple appearance, of course, there are actually many hidden features in WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp application itself is a chat and video call application, of course this application is often used and opened on your Android phone. Because most currently use WhatsApp to chat or video call with relatives or close friends, of course.

For those of you who don’t know how to enter a WhatsApp account and want to use it, here we will discuss a few ways to create a WhatsApp account on your cellphone for those of you who are beginners.

First you can enter the playstore for android users or the app store if you are an iphone user.

Tap on the search option, type the keyword “WhatsApp” Tap on the search option and the whatsapp application you are looking for will appear, tap on the download menu.

If it’s downloaded, then you just need to create your WhatsApp account. The next step is to create your WhatsApp that you installed earlier. Enter your phone number and without the 0 mark because there’s already a code. Enter your phone number, tap next.

Then you will get the OTP code and it will be sent automatically, then a profile will appear, please create your name and select a profile photo in your cellphone gallery.

tap the option finished then you already have a whatspo account and the numbers on your cellphone that have whatsppl will appear in your contact menu

How easy is not it!! Sign in to this 2022 whatsapp account.

It is known that if we send messages on whatsapp or chat on whatsapp of course we have to save the number of relatives or friends that we want to send messages to. But how do you send a chat or message on Whatsapp without saving the phone number.

Here’s how to chat on wa without saving a number

The first step you can open your cellphone and you can go into the browser on your cellphone, and can choose to use Google Chrome.

Type in the keyword and phone number in the Address column of the website you want to go to along with the country code, namely (62) so you will be taken to the WhatsApp browser version after that you can enter and tap on the continue to chat option.

And then you will go back into whatsapp and can send whatsapp messages without saving the phone number.

Thus the discussion on How to Chat WhatsApp Without Saving the latest 2022 Number, hopefully this article is useful and thank you.