How to Check Blog / Website Loading Speed

Hi blogger…blog loading speed is important in improving blog SEO, and it is very important to increase competition with other blogs for increase the number of blog visitors. As a reference, some readers may not mind the loading speed of the blog as long as what they are looking for is available in the blog content and they really need it, but if they find a blog/website discussing the same topic but has a fairly fast blog loading (you guessed it) , readers will use your blog that has a slow loading or will they switch to another blog that is faster? And if one day they come back they will choose a blog with a slow loading or a blog with a good loading speed?

Now by answering the questions above you can find out how important loading speed is for a blog. And the most important thing is that blogs that have fast loading will be more friendly with search engine robot crawling, because the crawler robots easily crawl every article you load on your blog without being hampered by javascript blocking or heavy widgets that make loading speed heavy or slow down. Then why do developers (Developers) Google provide a special website to check the loading speed of the blog? none other than that the blogs / websites they index have good quality and of course make it easier for users to surf and read your blog’s content comfortably without having to wait for too long to load your blog.

Now back to the topic discussed, which is about how to check the loading speed of a blog / website easily so you can do this check easily, here is how to check the speed of a blog so that you can find out and check and of course make improvements to your blog / website so that maximum loading speed.

1. Go to Page Speed ​​Insight
2. Enter your Blog/website URL link address and click Analyze and see that it looks like the image below:

Img credit by Page Speed ​​Insight

1. To view for mobile devices
2. To view results for desktop devices
3. Max 100 speed analysis/indicator (the bigger the faster)
4. Speed ​​analysis results