How to Check Number Already Supports 4G or Not

Numbers that support 4G networks are indeed more stable when used to access the internet. Compared to 3G, of course 4G is much faster in the download and upload process. On average, all cellular cards currently support 4G, but older cards still don’t support it.

If you have a card that is quite old, for example from many years ago, then most likely the number is does not support 4G network. So even if the card is installed on a cellphone that supports 4G networks, the signal will not appear or always switch automatically to the 3G network.

However, to confirm whether the number supports 4G or not, this article will explain at least two ways to find out.

Check Number Already Supports 4G or Not All Operators

Several operators provide different ways of checking 4G support on their numbers. But don’t worry, because there is an easier way to find out. Just take a look at the following two ways,

1. Using the Mobile Card Application Used

Each mobile card has a dedicated app that is useful for checking things against the card. Be it transactions, credit, buying packages, and so on. Most of these applications also provide information to check whether the number supports 4G or not.

Please install the official application according to the mobile card used. Here’s the list:

  • MyTelkomsel – Telkomsel Card
  • MyIm3 – Indosat Ooredoo Card
  • AxisNet – Axis Card
  • MyXL – XL card
  • Bima+ – Tricard

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2. Contacting the Cellular Card Operator

The second way that I think is quite easy to do is directly contact the operator according to the cellular card used. You can contact them for free via official social media accountssuch as on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Of course they will help to check network support on the number you are using. And some operators also require additional verification, for example, you will be asked when you last filled up your credit. This is likely to ensure that you are the owner of the number.

And also make sure you contact the mobile card operator account correctly. Make sure the account has verification badge next to the username, which indicates that the account is real.

Only the two ways above you can do to check whether the number supports 4G networks. If not, you can go to the nearest operator outlet to update the SIM card.

Some cards can also check for 4G network support via a USSD code, but unfortunately not all of them can do this. That’s why I didn’t include this method above. And in my opinion, the easiest way to check is to contact the CS of the mobile card on social media.

Hopefully useful and good luck