How to Check Product Numbers Registered at BPOM Original or Fake – The rise of cosmetic and drug products in the market makes consumers need to be selective in choosing a product. Because, there may be illegal or counterfeit products and have not been registered with BPOM.

There are a lot of beauty products, medicines, and even food on the market. However, we do not know whether the product is safe or not when used by domestic consumers.

In order to prevent unwanted things, consumers can check the product directly with BPOM. The state-owned regulatory agency that functions to monitor and determine whether it is safe or not for consumers.

But we go further on how to check product numbers and receipts at BPOM. You need to know in advance what BPOM is and all things related to this regulatory body.

What is BPOM

BPOM is the state-owned Food & Drug Supervisory Agency whose job is to monitor and determine whether the products issued are safe for consumers to use or not.

Apart from being a supervisor, BPOM also functions as a national policy maker in the field of drug and food supervision, and also establishes norms, standards, procedures, and criteria, before being circulated.

Therefore, potential consumers need to check the BPOM receipt number for the product or food to be purchased. So that, in addition to creating a sense of security for the user, the quality of the product is also guaranteed. So, it is highly recommended for people who find the product less well known and hesitate to use it.

Check BPOM Number or Check BPOM Receipt

There are several ways to check receipts at BPOM, namely: seeing whether the product has been registered with the drug and food regulatory agency or checking whether the product is genuine or fake. Of course, by entering the BPOM code or BPOM receipt number which is usually listed on the product packaging.

How to check BPOM products are registered or not

Here are the steps to check whether the product you want to use is registered with BPOM or not:

  • Download the BPOM application on the Google Play Store or the Apps Store
  • Install and open the BPOM application on your Android or iPhone cellphone
  • Once you have it open, click on the ‘Pseudo Products’ option. Then, please select the product to be registered, canceled, or public warning.
  • Next, click ‘Registration Number’ and then enter the registration number listed on the product packaging.
    The system will display product information.

Okay, after knowing the guide to seeing the beauty product, medicine, or food that has been registered with BPOM or not. Now, we will also provide a method of checking genuine or fake BPOM products. For more details check below:

Check genuine or fake BPOM products

Customers who check a product to find out whether it is genuine or not at BPOM are usually beauty products. Please check whether the beauty product has a BPOM number or not.

Prospective users can see the product receipt number by looking at the back of the packaging. Because, on average, these product manufacturers embed a number on the back of the product packaging.

  • First, please open your Android or iPhone.
  • Then visit the BPOM receipt site at
  • Please use the search option by registration number.
  • If you have entered the BPOM number. For example: NA17180901278
  • Finally, click on the ‘Search’ option.
  • Then the product details will appear along with the name and type of product according to the BPOM number entered.

Please note, at the beginning of the receipt number on the product packaging there are codes such as NA, CA, CD, CL, ML, and others. This code also indicates a certain meaning in a product. The following is a list of BPOM 2022 product codes:

Cosmetic Products

  • CA : Cosmetic products with notification sign
  • CD : Domestic cosmetic products
  • CL : Overseas cosmetic products or imported products

Food product

  • MD : Domestic food products
  • ML : Foreign or imported food products

Medicinal Products

  • SD : Domestic supplement products
  • SL : Foreign or imported supplement products
  • TR : Domestic traditional medicinal products
  • ML : Overseas or imported traditional medicinal products

Specifically, the NA code is cosmetic/drug products that are sold online. So, we do not mix it in the category of medicine or cosmetics.

How to Read Number Codes at BPOM

Here’s an easy way to read a product’s code number. For example, we will give an example of a food product with the number ML 208102022020

  • ML : Foreign or imported food products
  • 2: the code of the product packaging type (the code is from 1-9)
  • 081 : food type code (there are hundreds of food codes)
  • 02 : Province serial code
  • 020 : product order code from the managing factory
  • 020 : factory order code from the managing province

This is the information that we can convey regarding how to check the product number registered with BPOM is genuine or fake, along with the code and how to read it.

We hope that consumers are more careful in choosing a product, because it involves the safety of its users. Thank you and hopefully useful.