How to Clean Firefox Browsing Data Completely

There are a lot of changes in the Mozilla Firefox browser, not only in terms of appearance, even for its performance has also increased dramatically. Allows all users to feel comfortable browsing using this browser.

Over time, Firefox has saved your entire browsing history. Like the URL of the page, something you wrote on the form, etc. Of course, it’s not good to keep it stored when you’re not using a personal computer.

For this reason, every browser provides a feature to completely delete browsing data in order to keep privacy everyone who has used the browser. In addition, by deleting this data, you will also save free space on the system drive.

Tutorial Deleting Browsing Data in Firefox

The method that will be shared here aims to delete the browsing data that you have done from the past until now in the Firefox browser. But don’t worry, this will not affect to accounts on social media or extensions that are being used.

  1. Click Menu button which is in the top right corner.

    Click the Menu Button in Firefox

  2. Next click menu Arrangement.

    Click Settings

  3. Then go to the menu Privacy & Security.

    Towards Privacy and Security

  4. Scroll down to the section Historyclick button Hapus Riwayat.

    Clearing Browsing Data in Mozilla Firefox

  5. Set the timeframe to Everythingand check all the options below it.

    Clear Firefox Browsing Data

  6. Continue pressing the button OKE.

  7. Please wait for the deletion process to complete.

The deletion process is usually fast, it depends on how much browsing data has been stored at this time. If the process is long, it means the file cache stored on the system may accumulate, so please just wait until the process is complete.

And when the process is complete, now the Firefox browser is completely clean. It’s as if you’ve never visited a single website. But apart from the method above, there is something easier yes, in deleting it. If you want to know more, please continue reading this article.

Clear Firefox Browsing History Using Shortcuts

Use shortcuts much faster than the method above. Since the first Firefox and several other browsers have the same shortcut code to delete browsing history. Here is the shortcut code.


Press the code simultaneously, a dialog will appear in Firefox like step number-5 above. So basically with this shortcut you don’t need to go to settings again to clear browsing data.

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The final word

Those are the only two ways I can share to clear browsing history in Mozilla Firefox browser. And in addition, Firefox basically has a feature to maintain privacy with strict settings so that users are not tracked on the internet.

That feature is available in the privacy settings. and please set it as Strict. Later all visitor trackers on all websites will not detect your device currently visiting the page.

Hopefully useful and good luck