How to Clear Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

Browsing history that accumulates will only make a browser heavy when accessed and also deplete storage space on the drive. Even though it’s only limited to browsing history, it’s not just URLs that are stored, but data that has been written on site forms and page caches.

Previously all browsers had the same way of deleting browsing history (using shortcuts). But over time, some browsers have different ways of deleting them.

But in the Microsoft Edge browser it seems that it still retains a shortcut or shortcut to delete the browser history. So users can do it quickly without having to open settings.

How to Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge?

There is two methods which you can follow to delete the browsing history. The first is to use a shortcut, which in my opinion is the fastest way. And the other is through settings. You can choose whichever method is convenient for you.

1. Using Shortcuts

There’s not much to do, because all you need is to press a key combination on the keyboard. So please press the following button:


Later a confirmation dialog to delete browsing history will appear. Here you will be given several options to delete it. From the time period, to what data you want to delete.

Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

If you have selected what data to delete, please click the button Clear Now and wait for the process to finish.

2. Via Settings

This is a manual method that have the same goal like the first method above. Who knows one day Microsoft Edge will also leave the shortcut, so the only way is to do it directly from the settings. Here’s how:

  1. Click the menu button (three dots).

    Click Menu Button

  2. Then select menu Settings.

    Click Menu Settings

  3. Then click on the menu Privacy, Search, and Services.

    Click Privacy Menu in Microsoft Edge

  4. Scroll down to section Clear Browsing Data and click the button Choose What to Clear.

    Clear Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

  5. A dialog to clear browsing history will appear.

Just like the first method above, when the confirmation dialog appears, you are free to choose what data you want to delete. It’s also okay to delete all data, it’s actually better and doesn’t make browser data pile up.

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Clearing Browsing History Using Third Party Apps

Apart from the two methods above, there are also alternative ways that are also effective in deleting browsing history on the device. Namely using a junk removal app, one of the best is Ccleaner.

The application has a feature to delete browsing history from all browsers installed on the computer/laptop. So you can choose directly what data you want to delete.

Using other junk removal apps may have the same performance. Where users can do it easier than the manual way. But as long as the first method still works, then I prefer it rather than installing additional applications just to clear browsing history.

Hopefully useful and good luck