How to Clear Cache in Chrome Browser

Cacbe files stored in the browser have the use of speeding up the loading process on a website. In addition, it can also be used to save on internet data quota spending. However, keeping cache files long enough is also not good and has the potential to cause a variety of problems.

Although usually cache files will be deleted automatically after a set time, you can also delete them manually directly from your browser settings. And in the Chrome browser, it’s very easy to do.

Whether on a computer or mobile device, cache files can be deleted independently without having to wait for it to be deleted automatically. This not only aims to save memory space, but can also be applied if the content on a page does not change even though it has been refreshed.

Clear Cache in Google Chrome Browser

Actually there are some applications that can make it easier to delete cache files in their entirety with one click, but basically Chrome itself has provided a feature to delete them in the settings.

On a computer as well as on a mobile phone, the steps for deleting it are almost the same. And here’s how:

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Tap the button three dot option.

    Click the Three Dots Options button

  3. Next select menu Settings.

    Select Menu Settings

  4. Then tap menu Privacy and Security.

    Tap Menu Privacy and Security

  5. And tap menu Clear Browsing Data.

    Clear Cache in Chrome

  6. After that set Time span Becomes All.

  7. And check only the option Cache Images and Files.

    How to Clear Cache Files on Chrome

  8. The last step, click the button Hapus Data.

Even though the method above is done through a cellphone, but on a computer too the method is still the same every step of the way. And the length of the process of deleting it also depends on the size of the cache file stored.

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Cache that accumulates will only cause the browser to be slow, besides that storage space can also be drained due to this. The average browser on a device caches files around hundreds MB without realizing.

The cache files include various static files, such as Picture, Javascript, CSS, Fonts, and others contained on a website. And deleting it also doesn’t have any effect on the website, because later the file will be re-downloaded and become a cache file again.

Hopefully useful and good luck