How to Complete Aries Zodiac Missions on Zepeto – In the world of Zepeto, players can do anything. This includes working on missions that have been provided by the developer of this application, namely Naver Corporation.

One of the newest missions and quite a lot of trouble for Zepeto players is the Aries lunar zodiac mission which is still part of the Milky Way mission. One of the beautiful, cute, and elegant NPCs.

Well, below we will guide how to do this Aries zodiac mission. So, please read this article to the end to find out how to complete and what prizes you will get. Also Read: How to Complete Missions in Baskin BR Robbins Zepeto

How to Complete Aries Zodiac Missions on Zepeto

Here are the steps in completing this Zepeto application’s Aries zodiac mission. Please follow the steps we have prepared below.

  • First, the command you will get is ‘meet the NPC Ares in the starry square’. Here you just need to take a selfie from a short distance away.

Try when taking selfies with NPC Aries, make sure he also looks at your selfie camera, so that the results are more optimal. If you have, a tick notification will appear on the words friends with NPC Aries.

  • Second, there is a command ‘take a special emergency from the space station and take a photo’. Players need to take pictures with two or more people holding a starlight macaron on the space station. Take a selfie from a close enough distance.

Please search the portal to space station. Use the Jet to get there quickly. If you have been to the location, please walk for a while until you find the entrance gate to the space station. Then look for the light macaron with the ‘cake with stars on it’ icon.

Don’t forget when you want to take a photo, make sure there are two or more people who get caught by your selfie camera. In order for the mission to be carried out successfully.

  • Third, there is the command ‘take the Aries wand in your hand and go to the planets of the constellations’. To do this, click the ‘show hand’ image on the left of the screen. Aries wand is golden yellow. It’s not black!

Then, please take the wand to the zodiac planet or ‘Constellation Planet’. Bring the jet to go faster. If you have met Aries on the planet.

  • Fourth, the command ‘find the portal that leads to space without gravity’. The gravity space is on the left with the name ‘Zero Gravity’.

When passing through the first corner into space without gravity, please jump onto the transparent road. Then follow it up to the blue portal without gravity.

  • Fifth, the command is ‘observe the constellations of the night sky from the constellation planets’. Please use a telescope to do it.

To observe it, please tap the pointing hand icon. And you will succeed in carrying out this mission.

  • Sixth, the command ‘take a photo with an aries starlight background’. Select the aries star in the constellation planet and move it to the photo zone. So, like the aries zodiac icon is behind your zepeto avatar.
  • Seventh, the last command ‘gather 2 or more people in zero-gravity space for a photo’. In essence, Zepeto players only need to take selfies in front of a zero-gravity portal, with only 1 person there.

By doing the steps above, you have successfully completed the zodiac mission! Players can see the limited edition milky way prizes on the Zepeto game event page.

Aries Zodiac Mission Reward

The reward you will get from completing this mission is Aries fairy wings for 10 zem. Please use the fairy wings item that you have worked so hard to get to make your character avatar look even more cute.

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As a suggestion, pair it with the lucky box item for maximum appearance. That’s a short tutorial on how to complete this Aries zodiac mission. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you.