How to Complete Missions in Baskin BR Robbins – Various missions are available in the Zepeto game, including the missions in the newest map, Baskin Robbins (BR). In the Baskin room, players will be given a variety of tasks. and one rewardsit’s a 50 zem suit.

To get this shirt with a nominal value of 50 zem, players need to complete at least 6 tasks in the Baskin BR Robbins room. From cake making, ice cream, selfie in front of the building, and so on.

Well, below we have provided a list of tasks and how to complete missions in Baskin Robbins Zepeto application. So that it is easier for players to get prizes from this latest map mission. For more details, please check below!

How to Complete Missions in Baskin Robbins Zepeto

Here’s how to do the Baskin Robbins mission in Zepeto. Please follow the guide below to find out the details of the process.

  • First, Take a Photo in front of Baskin Robbins.

Do this task and you will get 1 spoon.

  • Second, check out Baskin Robbins’ uniform.

Please enter Baskin’s room, then you will be teleported to another world. Baskin’s uniform is on the side of the room. Just approach to complete the mission.

  • Third, ride the belt conveyor to turn into ice cream.

On the left side of the uniform, there is a conveyor machine for making ice cream. Please go up and go inside to complete the mission.

  • Fourth, Talk to the NPC to make a cake.

From the conveyor, just go straight until you find an NPC. Approach and talk to him. Then the task will be completed. Don’t forget to press the cake timer!

  • Fifth, get the mint chocholatechip ingredients from the mint garden and place them in the ice cream machine.

Please take the stairs close to where the NPC is. Then enter the door with the words Baskin Robbins on it.

Mint leaves in the yard have various short leaves in them. Look for mint leaves in the yard (dark green). Then go back to the first room, to put it into the machine.

The cake machine is located on the left, there is a sample cake to indicate that it is a cake making machine.

Notes: Also make sure that the timer is on, otherwise this task cannot be completed.
If you have, add materials to the machine to complete the mission.

  • Sixth, Take a photo with the cake.

Please wait for the timer to finish, then the cake will appear in the tube beside the cake maker. Well, after it appears, do a selfie in front of the cake. done

By doing the things above, you have successfully carried out the task in this Baskin Robbins mission. You will also get clothes for 50 zem and can continue the mission of collecting spoons in the BR room.

This is the information we can convey regarding how to complete the Baskin Robbins mission. Hopefully some of the information above is useful for you. Especially those who are working on this mission. That’s it and good luck.