How to connect cctv to cellphone 2022

Hello online friends, see you again in this article, Mimin will discuss how to connect CCTV to a cellphone.

Along with today’s sophisticated technology, we can do many kinds of things only with the internet network. Advanced technology and has made significant progress.

All android users can use a cellphone or cellphone to use various things such as online needs, paying bills, checking accounts and much more that we can do using this technology network.

Of course this will simplify all our needs, including the one that we will discuss this time, how to connect CCTV to our cellphones. Now, CCTV will automatically be monitored through our cellphone screen and make it easier to check the CCTV.

So, how do you connect so that CCTV is connected to our cellphones, and so that we can easily monitor remotely!??

Exactly you are in the right article because we will discuss how to get CCTV connected to our cellphones.

CCTV is also experiencing rapid development so that we can also connect CCTV to our cellphones. This will make it easier to check the places that we have installed CCTV such as shop houses, wallet houses, etc.

Before proceeding to the discussion, let’s first discuss how to properly install CVTV:


install cctv correctly can be interpreted is to install the right cctv, you can say right in the operation of the place where the cctv will be installed. Install the camera with the desired angle and height, make sure the oas is in the place you want CVTV to monitor


Make sure the dvr and cctv are on, without any interference, which this function will store and process recordings. currently the DVR is complete with a LAN port that makes it easy for you to connect the DVR to the IP / TCP / protocol and the DVR can connect to the internet network.


make sure the cctv is connected to the internet before connecting it to your cellphone. and there are two ways, to activate cctv to the internet network

~Using the P2P clound access feature which will make it easier for users to access without a public ip.

~ uses the Dynamic dimain name server and must have a public ip.

The first step you can do is activate the p2p access feature then login to the DVR as admin, then click the menu to set the p2p clone access and select in the network section the name of the access platform and the clone p2p setting.

Both will be asked to verify which code is used to add the application on the DVR to the VMS / CMS application with the p2p feature.

When the DVR is connected to the internet, there will be a change in the register and the status will be refreshed if you want to see the online status.


then after going through some of the above, install the VMS/CMS application from the cctv DVR that was created earlier. Then select the toll menu and switch to management and click on the next tap, select add new type and check the device you want then click ok.

After successfully logging in then click on the add device menu and enter the DVR number you have, then enter the verification code that has been created and then just click the OK menu section.

After everything is finished then you can monitor CCTV via cellphone, can be anywhere at any time of course. The advantage of monitoring CCTV from cellphones is that it saves your time and can be monitored remotely

That’s the discussion on how to connect CCTV to a 2022 cellphone, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.