How to Connect PPTP or SSTP on Windows 10

PPTP and SSTP are types of VPN that are presented for Windows 10 devices. Both have their own differences, but have the same goal of encrypting the network to avoid eavesdropping when using a public/public network.

Using PPTP and SSTP on Windows 10 is very easy, because users no need install additional client applications and can directly connect from settings. It’s different if you use other types of VPNs that have to use additional applications.

Julybe you also need to know beforehand that PPTP is a type of VPN that is quite old and has experienced problems, and SSTP is much better for now and has greater coverage than PPTP.

Tutorial Connecting PPTP or SSTP in Windows 10

Before following the steps to connect it, make sure you have had PPTP or SSTP account credentials to be linked later. If you don’t have one, please search on Google, there are several websites that provide PPTP or SSTP for free.

And here are the steps to connect it, please follow well:

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click Menu Network & Internet.

  3. Then click menu VPN.

    Click VPN Menu

  4. Then click on options Add a VPN Connection to start adding them.

    Adding PPTP or SSTP VPN in Windows 10

  5. On options VPN Providerchoose Windows (built-in).

    How to Connect PPTP or SSTP in Windows 10

  6. Then options Connection Namefill in the name of the VPN that you will create, for example my VPN.

  7. Server Name option below, please fill in the host or VPN server that has been prepared.

  8. Then for options VPN Typeplease select the type of VPN to use, for example SSTP.

  9. Continue down in the Username and Password section, fill in the VPN account information that has been prepared.

  10. The last step, click the button Save.

  11. Now, you can connect to it by pressing on the name of the VPN, and clicking the button Connect.

    Connecting PPTP or SSTP VPN on Windows 10

The connection process is usually just a snap and doesn’t take long. And the profile will also appear in the network options section of toolbarso you don’t have to go all the way through Windows Settings to connect it.

Solution An Error Message Appears When Connecting PPTP or SSTP

Of the many problems this occurs, the average is caused because the user entered the wrong credentials correctly. Be it from the server, username, or password. For that please check the information again and then try to reconnect.

Please restart the device as well to make sure the problem is not due to a system malfunction. You can also search for problems on Google related to messages error emerging. Of course it will be easier to overcome if you know the real cause.

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Whenever you add a new VPN in Windows, it will be saved as a profile. Same as the steps above. So when you want to connect to the VPN, you can easily go directly to the network icon on the toolbar.

On the internet there are also several premium VPN services that provide PPTP or SSTP account information. It’s just that these two types are not quite popular, because there are other types of VPNs that are better at network security.

Hopefully useful and good luck