How to Convert 3Ds Max Files to OBJ

3Ds Max is a popular 3D Modeling and animation program created by Autodesk. The program is paid, but each user is given trial access to be able to enjoy 3Ds Max for free for the first month.

There are so many 3D Modeling programs available today, and not everyone masters all of them and only chooses one. For example, you are more familiar with Blender, but don’t really know about 3Ds Max, and vice versa.

But all 3D Modeling programs have the ability to read files with OBJ format (wavefront). So if you want to copy a work from 3Ds Max to another 3D Modeling program, make it as OBJ format is a necessary thing.

Tutorial to Convert 3Ds Max Files to OBJ

Please note in advance that converting 3D objects to OBJ format is sometimes not completely perfect. But even so, you can still fix the error.

The following is the procedure for converting 3Ds MAX files to OBJ:

  1. Open the 3Ds Max program and prepare the object.

  2. Click menu File > Export > Exports….

  3. On File Name, fill in the desired file name. and on Save As Typemake sure to select OBJ.

    Saving OBJ Files

  4. Next press the button Save.

  5. A dialog will appear, you can set a few things before starting to export it.

    Converting 3Ds Max Files to OBJ

  6. If so, click the button EXPORT.

  7. The last stage, please wait a moment until the export process is complete.

    File Export Process Successful

The export process doesn’t take long, and it may depend on how big the scene you want to export is. If it’s a single mesh object, surely it should only take a few seconds.

Just like in other programs, to export it as OBJ is not complicated. And though sometimes not perfecthowever, the results of the OBJ are satisfactory and can be re-edited for correction.

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There are several types of 3D files besides OBJ that can be used, an example of one that is also popular is FBX (Filmbox). So besides OBJ, you can also try others, to compare the best results.

The tutorial above is explained through the 3Ds Max 2022 program. At some point there may be a change in appearance as the program updates. And if you have problems with doing the tutorial above, feel free to comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck