How to Convert GPT Disk to MBR and vice versa

When you just installed a new HDD or SSD on your computer, of course the computer will ask you to choose a partition type between GPT and MBR. At first glance it seems to have the same use, but basically both have a difference which is quite a lot.

If it was explained between the two, it would definitely take a long time. But you can find out more between GPT and MBR through WikiPedia. While this article will explain how to easily change from GPT to MBR or vice versa.

Basically Windows only provides the option to select the disk type for one time only. Once it’s selected, there’s no longer any option to change it. But actually you still have the opportunity to change it via CMD, and this is completely safe to do.

Tutorial Converting GPT Disk to MBR on Windows

You don’t need another program to do this, you only need to run CMD as administrator, and after that you are free to change the disk to GPT or MBR as desired. Also make sure you apply the steps correctly, so that everything goes smoothly.

And here’s how to do it:

First of all run Command Prompt as administrator.

Next to manage the disks on the computer, use the following command.


Then type the command below to display all disks on the computer.

list disk

Using the Diskpart Command

For example, the disk you want to select is number 1, so use this command.

select disk 1

Selecting the Disk to Convert to GPT or MBR

After that use the command below to clean everything on the drive before converting.


The last step, use the command below to convert the disk to GPT or MBR.

convert mbr
convert gpt

Choose one of the commands above according to the type of disk you want to change. And after that, please close CMD and open it disk managementsurely now the disk you selected has changed according to the expected type.

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Most people apply this method because they want to migrate the system OS. Because cloning on a different disk type will be fatal if it continues. Therefore, making the disk type the same as the drive used by the OS system will make the cloning process run perfectly without any problems.

The tutorial above actually goes very fast if you practice it. But make sure to do it carefully, one of which when choosing a drive, make sure that you have chosen the right drive.

If you experience problems or difficulties when following the steps above, please feel free to comment in the column below to get help immediately.

Hopefully useful and good luck