How to Convert Inches to CM in Microsoft Word

Julybe you are confused, how come the display on my microsoft is in inches instead of cm? Especially when you want to set the margins on a document. Of course, you are confused about how to adjust the margins while the display is in inches and maybe the provision is 4433 cm for writing scientific papers.

Especially if we don’t know how many inches 4 cm is? Or 3 cm is how many inches.

Well on this occasion, I will give a few tips and how to convert inches to cm in microsoft word. please see the following description.

How to Convert Inches To CM

So, to convert inches to cm in Microsoft Word, you must:

  • First of all, in Document, please select and click File => Options

  • Next, on Word Options please choose Advanced and scroll down until you find Display

  • now on display that, to change inches to cm you can change it in Show Measurements in Units of:

  • Then select and click OK to save the settings.

Thus, the units of inches will change automatically to cm in your Microsoft Word. Pretty easy isn’t it? please put it into practice, guys.

Well, that’s my review of How to Convert Inches to CM in Microsoft Word and I hope my writing can help you. That is all and thank you

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