How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android

How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android – The video we know is just a recording, right? but now there are many video videos that contain elements of music in them but we are required to watch the video if we want to listen to music, but we are reluctant to see the video and just want to listen to the music, so that way you can turn the video into Mp3 music on android very quickly. easy.

And not only that, the advantage of converting videos to music we can also expand phone storage, so if the video is large after it has been converted into music, the size of the music becomes smaller so the storage becomes a little more spacious.

Now there are so many songs or music that have been made into videos and then published on youtube, of course we just want to download the video because the song can be saved to phone storage, of course if we listen to music while viewing the contents of the video this is very boring and not the music can be minimized because it’s still in video format.

In order to convert mp4 format to mp3 music on androidwe use a help application that you can get on the Google Playstore for free, this application is very easy and very fast to convert videos into music, and here are what applications are used and what are the steps to convert them into music.

How To Convert Videos Into MP3 Music On Android

First of all, first download the application called MP3 Videos on Google Playstore.

How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android
  • After you have downloaded the application, then install it and open it as usual.
How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android
  • Then select the video you want to change through this application, after selecting the video then press Extract Mp3 to initiate change.
How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android
  • The length of the change process depends on the size of the video, after it is finished, the video immediately changes to Mp3 music. then you can immediately see it in the video folder that you saved.
How To Convert Videos Into Mp3 Music On Android
  • After that you can see the difference in size size hmm it’s quite far right, and if the phone storage is full you can delete the video to save storage.

After it’s like this, it means that you have succeeded in converting the video into music on Android and that way we no longer need to see the video because we have succeeded in converting it to Mp3 music, and in order to reduce the storage capacity of the phone.

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That is how it is how to convert video to mp3 music on androidthis method is very easy when compared to using other web because it is very complicated, but by using this application on our android it can be very easy to convert video formats into music anytime and anywhere.