How to Convert Word Files Into JPG Images

Word has many types of formats for saving created documents. And most people choose to save it as DOC, DOCXor PDF. But of all the available options, there is not a single option to save it as an image file.

The easiest way to convert a document into an image is to use the screenshot feature in Windows. That is, simply pressing the button WINDOWS+SHIFT+S and later the option to take a picture on the screen will appear.

But there are limitations to using the screenshot feature, which causes the text to break if the document is too long. Meanwhile, there is another way more efficient to convert documents to JPG/PNG images easily. And the method will be shared here.

Converting Word Document Files Into JPG Images

The program that will be used to convert words into images is Microsoft Paint. It is a default Windows program. Even though it’s a program for editing images, it can also do this, and it’s definitely very easy.

  1. Open the document in Word.

  2. Press the button CTRL+A to select the entire text.

    Selecting Entire Text in Word

  3. Then press the button CTRL+C to copy it.

  4. Now open the Paint program.

    Open Paint Program

  5. Click option Paste.

    Click Paste Options in Paint

  6. All text and images in the document will appear. Please check first.

    Convert Word to JPG with Paint

  7. If it feels right, please click the option Filethen Save Asand select as JPEG Pictures.

    Converting Word Files Into JPG Images

The document file has been successfully converted into an image. And the size of the image will be adjust from the amount of text which is in the document. So if the text is too long, the size or resolution of the image will also be elongated.

Even if the image extends downwards, the text will still be legible. And you are also free to crop the image if you want to split it into several parts. If you want to split the image, use the features Crop which is in Paint.

Convert Word to JPG Online

If you think the main method above is too complicated, maybe using this one method will feel practical. Because by doing it online, you only need to do it with a few clicks.

Here’s how to convert Word to JPG online:

  1. Please go to the PDFConverOnline website.

  2. After that, drag & drop the document file to the website.

  3. Wait for the upload and conversion process to complete.

  4. When finished, the file results will appear in the section Conversion Results.

By default the resulting file is compressed as a ZIP (archive file). You can also set it to appear immediately as a result of the image by changing the section Settingsexactly in options After Conversion and select as Do Nothing.

The site also provides options other than JPG for the image format, and there is also an option to automatically crop the image per page in the document, please adjust it as needed.

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Of the two methods above, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first method has a drawback in the conversion process which is relatively slow, but the advantage is that the document file will remain safe.

Meanwhile, the second method has the advantage of converting, which can be done quickly using the various options provided. But the drawback is in the privacy of the document which I feel is not safe, because it has been uploaded to the website’s server. Even though the website is trusted, if the document file is too important, please think about it first.

Hopefully useful and good luck